Sep. 10th, 2017

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I had a very pleasant birthday. I went to see the Joshua Show vol. 2 by the brilliant puppeteer Joshua Holden at the HERE art space down in Soho. We went to a popular burger joint called the Black Tap: craft beers and burgers to some mighty fine burgers and amazing milkshakes. Apparently we did what few do and walked up to the bar to find a seat immediately. When we left about 22 people were waiting for about 20 total seats in the place.

Afterwards we worked our way uptown to see our friend James who had a signed program for Caroline by the cast of Hamilton. He managed to get Lin-Manuel Miranda to sign it as well, which got him a bear hug from Caroline.

Peter knows me so well. He got me a turntable so I can move my vinyl collection to MP3 and be able to play music that I don’t have on CD. Also a number of these albums that mean something to me are not going to enter the digital realm for various reasons. He also got me a Doctor Strange doll, which is very cool. I plan to put it next to my Sherlock doll and let them have adventures.

I got myself some books on prop building and working with foam or rather I got them for Caroline and me since she is so wanting to start producing her own costumes.

Peter’s birthday is in less than 2 weeks. I know it is on a Saturday because mine was on a Saturday as was Ariel’s.

So today has a couple of things on the agenda and around that I need to fit a few more things. Monday I am working my way back to the fall schedule then we will see what we can get done given the time.

Off to project one.

I am grateful that I had such a spiffy birthday.


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