May. 25th, 2017

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Or rather at the Tara movie theater in Atlanta when it still had one of the biggest screens in the city, I watched a movie unfold that changed my life. And I mean that both figuratively and literally. I walked into the theater knowing very little and I walked out wanting to see that film again over and over and over.

A year later I got to do just that when the $1.00 theater opened Star Wars. I went to see it so many times, the gentleman who owned the theater stop charging me for each viewing and occasionally would give me free popcorn. It is one of the few films I can honestly say I have seen hundreds of times.

Since then I have seen the other films with fellow fans. Even dressed up for them in an Imperial Officer outfit. My friend Bill Ritch made sure to get tickets for all of us and a place in line for the last one.

Last year we went to a screening that our local comic book store did for Rogue One. It is always fun seeing the Star Wars Saga with fellow fans.

Then there are all the people I have met because of Star Wars including most of the original cast. I have friends work on the movies.

I worked on Star Wars when I was at Del Rey. That was one of my favorite jobs for so many reasons but Star Wars was the cherry on top. I have a whole set of friends who I became friends with because I worked at Del Rey. I am going to see a number of them this weekend at Phoenix ComicCon.

Then there are the stories that I have because of Star Wars.

One of the best was after we went to see Six Dance Lessons in Six Day that Mark was in. Afterwards we went to the dressing room and caught Mark up with what was going on with us and Peter kept admonishing Mark from talking because his voice was just shot. We walked out with him while he and Peter were still discussing something about comics at the time. Mark started signing all the things thrust upon him. And I stood back as Peter and Mark continued to talk with Mark thanking people for coming. I heard someone say, “Oh my god! That’s Peter David!” and a mutter began as those who were comic fans as well as Star Wars fans realized who walked out with Mark. Then I heard, “And who is she?” inquiring why I was with the two men. Peter reached back and took my hand in his and gave me a kiss. We bundled Mark off in his car and went home after Peter signed a few autographs for fans.

I also have my Jeremy Bullock and a puppet story but that’s for the 50th anniversary or when you find me at a convention and want a really good Star Wars related story.

I am grateful for Star Wars in so many ways.


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