Apr. 29th, 2017

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Since Peter had his stroke and our world got turned upside down.

A lot of living has gone on since then. But that day is still vivid in my mind. I was informed that I might have to make some tough decisions. I was asked what his wishes were in terms of care and a whole lot of if this happens then…

He pulled through to the point that he is in what is known as the lucky 1% of people who have recovered from the form of stroke that he had with little to no damage. He neurologist was pretty amazed at Peter’s recovery and informed him that unless something happened, they didn’t need to see each other anymore.

There are things that he needs to do to prevent another stroke and he is doing them. He recently acquired a FitBit that allows him to see how active or inactive he is being from day to day along with his food consumption, water intake, and sleep. Give him information on how to improve on that.

Why is this on my mind? We are almost at the point that we can take care of the IRS bill. We were potential there or close to before and then the stroke put the kybosh on several projects so I am not holding my breath until it is done.

We continue to talk about the stroke as fans want to know that Peter is OK even though it was four years ago. The past health crises is another topic of conversation as well. And we educate people about the symptoms of stroke. I know we have saved a couple of people’s lives because they read or heard the information or their loved ones did and recognized what was going on then got them the help they needed.

Today Caroline and Peter are off to the East Coast Comic Con for the day. He will sign stuff and talk to fans. Caroline will do her usual convention routine. I am home with a Me day which I am plotting what to do with.

Our lives are normal or what passes around here for normal and that is a good thing. Occasionally the specter of the stroke will come back and haunt us for a bit and we are never going to forget what happened four years and four months ago. But we survived and moved on.

I am grateful that I can send Peter to a convention.


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