Apr. 27th, 2017

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Peter, being the best husband in the world, got up at 5:00 AM this morning to take Caroline to her school where she went on her 8th grade class field trip to Boston which will be an overnight trip. This afternoon Peter goes into the city to Midtown Comics the downtown location (64 Fulton Street, New York, New York 10038) for a Scarlet Spider signing from 6 to 8. I have bowling this evening.

Saturday Caroline and Peter are going to the East Coast Comic Con and I am going to take the day for myself.

The NFL draft starts today. I have heard the pundits speculate who is going where and when. Rather than watching the draft, I think I will watch Draft Day instead. Kevin Costner is really good in sports films and that is a gem of a film that never got the attention of the public. No football team is going to win the Super Bowl this year based on who they draft. Five years down the road maybe. Personally I am not holding my breath for any of the teams I have an interest in.

Baseball is going on. I am hoping that the Mets have a better season than they are having now. And it all seems due to injury more than anything else. Braves are doing OK but I can’t say that I am blown away by the new stadium plus I have friends who are getting screwed by the traffic.

I have to get cracking on two projects. I have Saturday to get at least one out of the way and maybe two.

I did go to the gym yesterday and worked upper body. Normally I do my usual routine and then add a couple of exercises to finish out. Usually this is 3 but yesterday I went on a tear and did my usual routine and 10 more. Today I feel fine but I have an inkling that tomorrow I am going to be in a bit of pain. Part of the reason I hit hard is that I felt like I was stuck and needed to mix it up a bit. Tomorrow is leg day and I plan to pretty much do the same thing depending on my energy level. I will say that my hands were shaking really bad after finishing yesterday but it was a good shake.

The cats have finally stop hiding that they are getting along well and sleep together. There are still some spats here and there but overall it has been nice. Inky is currently sleeping at my hip, which she does in the morning when I am on the computer. Fig is on top of Caroline’s hoodie which she has been wearing so it smells like Caroline. She is so much Caroline’s cat.

Peter has been using a fitbit to tell him how much he is moving. He has been walking around the block more to get his steps up especially when he has been writing all day. He is looking at his stats that is giving him information he has not had before like how little he walks on the days he goes on a writing tear.

Next week will have a couple of announcements including a call for entries in an anthology that we are putting together entitled “Let’s kill Glenn” which happened out of an offhand comment at Farpoint regarding Glenn Hauman. Also soon we will be announcing Peter’s Patreon.

We are still stunning and humbled by the help that people are giving us. We see the light at the end of the tunnel and will luck it is not the on coming train.

The May issue of Nutrition Action proves that you can put Benedict Cumberbatch on any cover. Yes, he is on the cover and the reason is tenable at best.

OK now I am truly rambling.

I am grateful for the fact we just happen to be in Knoxville a year ago. More on that tomorrow.


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