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Wow. There is a loaded question for me. I think it is kind of who you view as a celebrity.

I have a lot of friends who are celebrities in various fields.

I know the Indigo Girls from college. After we would get done with whatever show we were doing at Theater Emory, we would head off to wherever the Indigos were playing and support them. I still have their first vinyl 45 and album.

I went to George Takei and Brad Altman's wedding. I have known George and Brad for a number of years now. I first met George at a convention in Chattanooga when I was subbing in for someone for the Mighty Rassilon Art Players. We got a meet and greet with George and Nichelle. Then years later Peter introduced me to George and Brad.

There are entire casts of science fiction shows that know who I am through my husband.

In puppetry, I met Jim Henson a couple of times. He recognized me after a while but he had a really good memory for faces and names. I worked with Jon Ludwig who is a fracking genius. I have met some serious powerhouses in the industry who's names mean little outside it.

I have a lot of friends in the comic book and book industry. I knew Neil Gaiman before he was NEIL GAIMAN. Terry Brooks is a sweetheart as is his wife. Marv Wolfman is a great guy and a wonderful person to go out to dinner with. Chris Clarmont is a lot of fun to talk with. I count Harlan Ellison among my close friends.

Then there is my husband who is very well known in several circles. We met at an SF convention when he bought a Klingon puppet from me.

My list could go on and on to include bands I met when I was working various shows.
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