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18 inches according to my yardstick. Caroline’s school was cancelled as was most of the county since there was an emergency order put out that unless you HAD to be on the road, get off and stay off so that the plows can try to do something about it. I explained to Caroline that this snow day takes a day out of her other days off from school. I am concerned that we are going to start cutting into spring break shortly. I know they lost a day off of Memorial Day weekend.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Charles Dodgson writer of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass among other things. It is amazing how well that piece of literature has lasted and the number of interpretations of the stories we have seen. Personally I think I am going to dig out the Muppet Show version with Brook Shields although we do have the Kate and Richard Burton version with a very young Nathan Lane.

Fig is doing very well and we think we might have found the rest of her family. There is a pack of cats with the same coloring at the local Catholic Church which is about a block and a half from us. They have some younger cats in the group that are about the size of Fig. She is growing by leaps and bounds and getting in trouble for some of her leaps and bounds. Pretty typical kitten except for this weird burbling sound she makes that I have never heard another cat make.

I plan to do some sewing today. It is a good day for it. I just hope I have the right color thread for the two projects I want to do today.

I saw Faceoff last night. Wow, a reality TV series that is so in my bailiwick and one of the contestants has been at DragonCon doing panels on makeup so I am in for the run or until Sam gets eliminated. The first challenge was an interesting one and showed the strengths and weaknesses of each contestant. You could see who could think outside the box and get it to work and who couldn’t. The judging panel is a pretty impressive one too. If you have any interest in SFX make-up or SFX in general, check it out.

Trying to think of what else is going through my head while the kitten perches on my shoulder watching what I am doing.

Packers win the Superbowl. That’s my guess.

I am grateful for things that make snow removal easier.


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