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I will be at NYCC on Friday, Saturday and Sunday which is a slight change from the original plan but it works for me.

If you want to find me, Peter’s table is B5 in Artist Alley is a good place to start.

I am also going to be, with a little luck, in the audience at the Once Upon a Time panel on Friday with my Rumple puppet. If I have room, I’ll pack Mr. Gold as well. I am also going to bring Nick and a Loki for the weekend.

This is a big one. Not quite SDCC big but getting there.

They are trying a new system for getting people into and out of panels. If it works, might be something for other conventions to look at and makes it possible to both attend panels you want to see and walk around the convention rather than making it an either or proposition.

I recommend comfortable shoes and a lot of patience. And water. Don’t dehydrate.

Food is going to be a challenge to get because of the number of people but remember about the food carts outside the venue. There was a kicking Mac & Cheese truck last year.

So hope to see some of you there. Please don’t be scared to come up and tell me that you read my blog. I love meeting y’all.

I am grateful for things that make it easier to get around the convention.


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