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We are at the point in the repairs to the bathroom that we can see the finish line but can’t cross it until a few things are in place and some materials arrive to complete the job. And that is a bit frustrating.

Once the workmen are done, I have things that need to be done before diving into getting ready for our trip(s) over most of July. Packing is going to be interesting as I have to have us ready for more than one scenario.

But there are other things I want/need to get done as well and they have been on hold for over a month as this went from a week and done to almost a month and done. However there is a good reason for that because the previous contractor cut corners which caused damage to the house that needs to be repaired before they could put the bathroom back in.

So we are waiting to see if this is all happening today or Monday. Personally I am hoping for today.

I have the first pass on my 12th Doctor costume done and will be wearing it at Shoreleave and the Raleigh SuperCon. Then revisions before I wear it elsewhere.

For those of you watching Dr. Who on BBC America, know that it starts at 8:30 rather than 9:00 since the episode is longer than the usual slot. I am sad that this is Capaldi’s swan song for the character. I think he is the best so far and I will miss him. Also I am really hoping that Pearl Mackie does another season as Bill since she is doing such a terrific job but I am not holding my breath either.

Mets are starting to win again. Wonder if that will keep up after the All Star Break.

Today is a sort out day as in I need to sort out what can and cannot be done within the next week. I also need to back up my computer which is going to take a while since I haven’t done so for a bit.

I also need to back up all the phones and iPads in my possession so I can see that this is going to go back up phones, iPads, then computer.

I am grateful for information that will inform my day.


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