Sep. 9th, 2017

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54 is a funny age. I am almost half way through my 50s but not quite so it is an age and, if I am lucky, I will remember it. One of my brothers hit 50 so that makes it easier for me to figure out the age of my other siblings.

So here is my public version of my letter to me. (for the new kids on the block, I write myself a letter each year and then read it the next year. I have another letter for when I turn 60s. I have been doing this since my 20s)

Dear Kath,

Well it has been a year indeed. I swear the ups and downs keep getting bigger.

This past year you have fandom to thank that the IRS is not taking your house away. They helped us and we will never be able to thank them enough.

This past year you managed to get puppets to various people and are happy that they were amused by them.

You managed to keep a much better gym schedule so let’s keep that up.

You wore a costume to a convention in who knows how long because of a haircut.

This next year I want you to work on your follow through. You have a couple of projects that must be done so get it done. I know you can.

Let’s build some dolls this year. It has been years.

Overall you are in a pretty good place, let’s take it from there and make the next year creative and great.



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