Jan. 14th, 2017

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Peter made it to his connection in Dallas to get to Albuquerque but his luggage stayed in Dallas until the next flight and then seemed to vanish out of every system known to man. I told him that if it was possible to go to the airport because there was no direct phone number for him to call at the airport to get the baggage claim folks for American Airlines. He did and low and behold, there was his bag still waiting to be picked up by the delivery service which was suppose to have delivered it to his hotel last night. Happy that he got the bag back, not to happy with how it ‘vanished’ from the system for a while.

This morning Caroline woke up early and her throat was given her problems which is how my current cold started. She, however, is running a slight fever. I came into the living room and she was stretched out on the couch almost asleep. She started awake as I entered and said that she was fine but tired. I covered her with two of our throws and she fell asleep in short order. I think that is the best thing for her right now. She was worried because we had plans for the day that she was excited about and she thought I would be disappointed that we weren’t getting all things done in order. I told her that her health came before all the things we wanted/needed to do and I have enough going on in the house as it is that I could work on while she rests which is what she needs to do. Caroline’s cat Fig is tucked up next to her taking a nap too.

I finally, partially through the help of pharmaceuticals, got a mostly decent night’s sleep so I am feeling much more clear headed than I have in a while but the cough is still persisting. It is amazing how much a good night’s sleep can help. Here’s to having a second one this evening.

I have been doing a ‘watch along’ with some other Granada Sherlock Holmes fans where we watch an episode of the series and then discuss it on line. Last week was the The Second Stain and this week was The Man with the Twisted Lip. For me these were two examples of the series at its best. They stuck close to the original work that the episodes were based on and did not elaborate much on the stories. That whole season was really good.

Yes, I have been watching Sherlock. Yes, I agree that they are kicking us pretty hard and managed to get some stuff past us that is becoming central to the season. Yes, I am, apparently, a rare bird for wanting to see the next episode entitled The Final Problem which may be the final episode or they might find the time in their busy schedules to do another set. It all depends on the schedule. Whatever happens, I know I will be entertained.

Speaking of good detective drama, I picked up the Ian Carmichael Lord Peter Whimsey complete series at the library tag sale for a song (OK 5 bucks but still complete unopened set) and watching my way through them. Still rings solid for me. I prefer Mr. Carmichael’s performance over Mr. Petherbridge’s but that might be because I saw Mr. Carmichael’s first.

Today is all about cleaning up around the house and getting things back in order from three weeks of minimal picking up and the like due to illness and the like.

This year the village went back to take both paper and plastic on the same day which will make my life so much easier since paper tends to stack up around here.

Looking at the NFL playoffs, I am hoping that certain teams who are not favored are able to take out some of the favored teams with the exception of the Falcons who I hope win it all but not holding my breath because Falcons.

When does baseball start?

It is nice to feel like life is getting back on a more even keel than it has been for about the past month. Let’s hope that the trend continues.

I am grateful for anything I get done today that moves us forward.


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