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January 27

Watson had asked me to look in on Holmes while he was off on the continent with his wife. He didn't like to leave Mrs. Hudson without means to deal with any incident that might occur while he was gone. After the incident with the cat and the canary, he had promised that he would never leave her without help close at hand.

It was a relatively brisk morning when I stopped by Baker St. People were hurrying down the street all bundled up moving quickly from one warm store to another. I was about to knock on the door of 221b when the door flew open and I found myself being dragged across the threshold by Mrs. Hudson.

"Oh Sir! I am so glad that you came. I am really at my wits end with him. He hasn't left his rooms in days and there have been all kinds of strange sounds and smells emanating from the sitting room."

"There, there Mrs. Hudson, "I said while patting her hand gently, "I'm here and I will deal with whatever is going on there. Now why don't you go get us some tea along with those lovely tea cakes and some toast while I go see what is going on."

Her visage brightened immediately, "Oh thank you Sir. Thank you." As if on cue, there was a muffled BOOM from the rooms above. The crystal rattled and pictures went slight askew. Mrs. Hudson absent-mindedly straightened the pictures as she walked to the kitchen.

I went up the stairs with a little trepidation. The fact that he hadn't left the rooms did nothing to calm the little voices in my head about what frame of mind I would find my friend in. I took a listen at the door and heard Holmes muttering in a rapid pace that he reserved for himself when he was working through a problem or when he had gone to the needle to calm his brain. I steeled my courage to the sticking place and knocked on the door.

The door opened and I found myself dragged over a threshold for the second time that morning.

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