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OK since we have a new year of Doctor Who, here are the rules to NWR.

Behind the cut there will be spoilers for this episode and all previous episodes of Dr. Who going back to 1963 if warranted. You can speculate about what you think is going to happen but No Spoilers for future episodes. I have managed to keep myself out of the spoiler pit this year and want to keep it that way. So comments can have no future spoilers.

Now if you haven’t seen Dr. Who Series Nine Prologue and The Doctor’s Mediation I suggest that you find them if the links aren’t working and watch them since they do add to the episode and even answers a couple of questions I had during the episode.

Over all I liked it. It had a good energy and enough Holy *bleep* moments to keep me entertained. The writing and directing are solid.

The first five minutes is probably one of the best season openers to Doctor Who ever.

Capaldi has settled into the role and we have some idea what we might be dealing with but even with that, he surprises you. This is a Capaldi Doctor episode but with a slight twist which I will discuss in spoilers.

Over all solid Doctor Who episode that is worth watching more than once.

Next week the episode is entitled The Witch’s Familiar and basically picks up where this one left off.

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So New Doctor, New Adventures, Redecorated TARDIS. Let’s dig in.

For those of you just joining our story, this is how I have NWR set up. Above the cut is spoiler free. Below is not. Comments are not spoiler free for that episode. I ask for no spoilers for things to come like what is happening in the next episode. All episodes of Doctor Who that have aired can be discussed within the context of this episode

Wow. What a way to introduce and re-introduce the Doctor. It had both the excitement of some excellent chases and fights. It referred back nicely to previous Doctors and situations/episodes. It had the right balance of talking and moving.

The first episode post regeneration is a tricky one. We have had some of our best loony Doctor scenes from those and this was no exception. It takes a while for the Doctor to settle in to his new body. Capaldi played it brilliantly between giving us a glimpse of what his Doctor will be to playing it like previous actors have played the Doctor.

Jenna Coleman did an excellent job as well. Her actions and reactions to this new Doctor were fascinating to watch. And how she deals, or doesn’t deal with, what has happened in front of her was great both by the writer and the actress.

Overall I was quite pleased with this outing with the Doctor and I look forward to the next episode entitled Into the Dalek.

I am grateful that this episode made me want to see more.

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As usual no spoilers before the cut but afterwards and in the comments, all bets are off.

This was an episode that moved around a bit. It could honestly be dropped in just about anywhere in the Doctor, Rory, and Amy saga with little re-jiggering. In fact I believe it was suppose to be for last season and came into this season and got moved around again.

It was also what is called a bottle episode. Not many sets or character and utilizing a lot of things that they had hanging around.

Also a small disclaimer, the author of the episode is a long time friend of Peter’s and mine. In fact he is what we call a mutual before friend meaning that we were friends with him before we got together.

Overall it was a love letter to the series. It was the kind of episode that fans could embrace without worrying that their fellow fans would look down on them. For me it felt more of a sort of “what if” episode. Also Old Who and New Who can join hands on this one and all feel good about it and the implications of it. Again it would have worked with just about any of the Doctors but better with each incarnation.

I enjoyed and enjoyed the implications of the episode going forward.

I am grateful that Neil finally got his shot to write Doctor Who.

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As usual no spoilers before the cut but after the cut and in the comments everything is fair game. Also we are only talking up to this episode. Speculation about the future is allowed but please keep it Internet Spoiler free.

It is nice when you get an episode that is not specifically geared to a Doctor’s incarnation. The way that they would get to the solution might have been a bit different but this would have worked for any and all. It did feel like a bit of a mash-up but I thought more Treasure Island than Pirates of the Caribbean.

The plot did hold together. It was a mystery that ran its course and had a very good Whovian twist. We did have a few hints of things to come but not hitting us over the head with it. It was sort of a bottle episode in that there were not a lot of sets for it but they are still probably catching up from their jaunt to the US.

I am grateful for an episode that felt like Old Who.

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