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This past weekend Caroline, Peter and I traveled to Addison, Texas, which is right next to Dallas and participated in FenCon. We all had a blast and a half. To my professional buddies, I can highly recommend this convention to you if they ask you to participate especially if you have family that travels with you.

This was the 9th FenCon and they do it right. It reminded me of ChattaCons, Liberty Cons, and Khubla Khans of my youth. The convention is very family friendly and goes out of its way to make sure that the kids have as much fun as the adults. The art show was lovely and I hope to show in it maybe next year. The video room had something for everyone. The Con Suite had food and beverage for all the entire weekend.

The programming was diverse and there was something for pretty much everyone. If you filk, this is your convention. If you like good music, this is your convention. They had pretty much constant concerts of various groups crossing all the genres. I heard a number of groups I hadn’t before and was not disappointed. I discovered the music of John Anealio, which is a wonderful find. I got to hear friends play and have fun.

I talked about Muppets, Costuming, Sherlock Holmes, and Ray Bradbury among other topics. I participated with Peter in the opening act of their cabaret/costume call with the two of the Doctor puppets. I went to panels which is interesting to do again.

And where was Caroline during all this? In FenKids, where she had a blast and a half the entire convention. It is like a convention within the convention just for kids. She made a rocket pack, had a snowball fight, created a time capsule, and met an Astronaut among many other activities she participated in. She loved the drawing class and the writer’s workshop they did for the kids. She made new friends and declared that she wanted to come back to this convention again. Big tip of my hat to Sarah Brigdon and her staff for creating such a fun and creative programming track for the kids.

It was a good weekend and I enjoyed all the people that I met while there. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. My thanks to the con committee and to all the volunteers who helped make this convention so wonderful. Special thanks to Rhonda for being so on the ball about everything. Tim Morgan for all the little things he did for us during the weekend. And I know I am forgetting the names of a slew of people who were so nice to us so I apologize. My friends will tell you that I am lousy at remembering names but I don’t forget faces.

If you live in the area, I say go to this convention. You will have fun.

And you really haven’t lived until you have seen Hollywood (FenCon) Squares with a Dalek in the middle square.

I am so very grateful for all the fun at FenCon.


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