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The bright light in this is that I thought I had two weeks. Speaking of bright lights, I think I saw the sun this morning. Now we are back to grey clouds and sad light.

Peter took Caroline to go see Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief to give me a little me time at home which I thought was nice but I also think it is good for the two of them to get some time together.

Peter has been reading Caroline “How to Train Your Dragon” then they will get back to OZ.

Now a couple of shout outs because my brain has been swiss cheese

Shout Out to Mary Aileen, I found Sarah Jane puppet. It shall be yours at LunaCon

Shout Out to my Mom, Caroline got the package and sat down and read the book to herself with very little help from me. She loved it and the clothes.

Shout Out to my sister-in-law Beth, is Emily’s birthday coming up?

Shout Out to Shana, I haven’t forgotten about the puppet, I just have to wait for this set of snow to thaw so I can get the rods done and then I’ll ship him off to you.

Am I a bad fan because I am not getting into Smallville any more? We knew where this was going since a certain person showed up. I really don’t care which is sad because I really like a lot of the actors in the show but the written is not doing it for me. Sorry guys, I know that you keep saying to hang on but it’s just not working for me.

Who else missed Chuck?

We have been watching Caprica and agree that it would have worked without BSG before it but it does make it more interesting. Also love the opening credits on this one more so than BSG.

Spoilers allowed in comments. We got blinded sided by the end of Spartacus last night. Peter had a different theory that would have worked but we both agree that this worked so much better. I will be interested to see what the writers do from this point.

I would have called this a Random Thoughts Before the Coffee Kicks In but I had my coffee for the day.

I am grateful that I did get the bobcatsled done when I did (they extended the entry time by two weeks)


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