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Another storm with possible snow and ice is heading our direction. Not that there was any chance of me seeing my lawn before it hit. The snow piles up and down the street are not reducing as much as I would like before the next big thing hits. Yep, it is going to be a long February if this continues into next month which it will for at least the first two days. We have some concerns about getting to Farpoint if this keeps up.

And today is the last day of January. Boy, that was a fast month. We did a lot in it so I don’t feel like a slacker but it seemed to fly by.

Caroline has declared that she will study hard in school because she wants to become a veterinarian specializing in large endangered cats. I told her that if she put her mind to it, she could do it.

Tomorrow is my Crafty Tuesday web log. I still want to know what y’all would like to hear about.

Well off to the gym while I can and then onto the rest of my Monday schedule.

I am grateful for finding patterns that are going to make my life easier down the road.


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