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OK here is what I have been doing for swaps this past month. It is very picture heavy.

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Or sometimes one can be one’s own worst critic.

Constructive criticism is a funny set of words. One is about building and the other is deconstructing. It is also funny what people think constructive criticism is and isn’t.

For example, hearing “your anatomy is off” isn’t very helpful. But hearing “You need to look at the back leg of your figure. Legs don’t bend like that unless broken” is of much more use.

Honestly I am my own worst critic. I see every flaw and shortcut I did to get to the final product. I see the materials I substituted because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I see every blemish and missed brush stroke.

But what I have learned over time is that there is a point that one just needs to let it go and let others see it.

I use Peter a lot as my sounding board. He has a good eye for things that I didn’t even think about. I trust his opinion about my work because he doesn’t sugar coat things for me.

But occasionally I do get someone who doesn’t like my work and they tell me that they don’t. I ask why and they give me some answer that doesn’t make sense or they give me something else to think about in the final product. I remember one guy didn’t like my work but it turned out that he didn’t like puppets at all and didn’t understand why they were in an art show. I have had to fight the puppets as art battle more than once in my career.

Today I am going to work on a griffin that I have had in my head for a bit. I think I finally have all the pieces sorted out and now can draft it.

I am sure there will be parts that I don’t like but there are always parts that I don’t like or know how I would change them next time. But that is part and parcel of being an artist and a craftsman.

I am grateful for the constructive criticism I have receive over the years including Wendy Froud sending me back to my table to redo my doll’s hand because “You and I know that you can do much better than that”. Thanks Wendy.
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A couple of things I figure y’all should know and a couple of things I have on my list to clarify.

I am on Dreamwidth now. I am Puppetmaker if you want to find me.

I also bowed to pressure and joined Facebook I am Kathleen O’Shea David.

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I am grateful for various ways to communicate we have now.
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Sometime getting the project to a point that I want to show it can take longer than I think it will. Add the usual signal to noise that is life and it seems to only take longer. I have it in my head all worked out including Greebo. Today I need to get it out of my head and into this reality. I am going to start with the hard one first and work my way to the easier heads. I think I have all my materials to complete the project at this time. This will, of course, depend on my finding my masking tape this morning. If not, then it is a trip to Staples to get another role or two. I know I have it. I found two roles a couple of days ago that have now vanished. I blame the house goblins who really should know better.

Three of my four final four made it to the sweet 16. I have to admit that the fourth was a wishful pick since in my gut I knew that OSU (Ohio State University) had a slim chance at best but I can dream.

Yesterday I kept smelling smoke where there was none except when I went by a BBQ place that has a smoker that was smoking something but the scent didn’t leave my nose all day. This morning I am smelling “wet dog” which is a rather distinctive odor indeed. I just hope I don’t spend the day smelling it. And wet dog smells very different, to me, than wet cat. With any luck the smell of clay will replace it.

Bowling went pretty well for me. We won 2 out of 3 games and once I stopped short arming it, I knocked down a lot of pins. I could get the complicated leaves but single pins and I were not talking to each other. I have some bad habits that went I get over, I am a pretty good bowler. I think sometimes I sabotage myself.

I am grateful for cancer treatments that work (not me but yet another friend going through chemo).


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