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It's a great day to take the kids to your local comic book shop and see what is out there for you to read. Comic Book Shops are a good place to get great reads like X-Factor, Fallen Angel TBPs, Wolverine first Class, and other comics written by my husband.

And Happy 2nd of May. Hope that those who celebrated the first of May didn’t celebrate too hard. *grin*

Peter and I plan to make a pilgrimage to Fourth World Comics sometime today. They have some stuff for us and Caroline wants to see what comics she can get. I am raising such a little fan girl. The other day Ariel was wearing her “Nerd Herd” T-Shirt and Caroline pointed to it and said, ‘Chuck, I like Chuck.” So proud.

OK I think I have my Facebook sorted out now so you can find me (Thanks Mary Aileen). I am Kathleen O’Shea David so those people who only know me by my maiden name have a shot of finding me and what happened to me which is a lot. I was going through pictures last night and, since I am the family photographer, there are not many pictures of me. I’m still sorting out everything that is going on there. Dreamwidth is much easier since it is a mesh of LJ and my web log that runs off of Peter’s web log.

I went back and figured out that I have been blogging for over 5 years now and I have a pretty detailed record of Caroline’s life starting then. Peter has a few that he wrote for his column or web log (which goes back to before her birth) including one of my favorite of our visit to Disney and the Peter Pan ride entitled Oh Da! It’s the Moon.

I am grateful for all the memories of Caroline I have recorded in some form.


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