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This will be an occasional series that I will fall back on when I really can’t think of a topic or I am trying to avoid writing something I will regret.

This happened to come to mind because I got tagged on Tumblr by someone to post 10 things that people might not know about me.

1. I am probably one of the few stage managers that completed their War of the Roses before the Comedies. I think I have stage managed more of Shakespeare histories than any other category of his work. This came to mind after I finished watching the Hollow Crown edition of Richard III which, like all the others, was very well done.
2. I play softball and baseball better left handed. I bat better left handed and pitch better left handed but catch better right handed.
3. I am an introvert who learned how to be an extrovert.
4. I HATE talking on the phone. Much prefer texting or talking face to face
5. My reputation as a stage manager in Atlanta was described to be as ‘firm but fair’. I am rather proud of that.
6. I have a hard time remembering names and if you haven’t pronounced it for me, it is even harder for me to get your name right.
7. However I do have a good memory for faces and voices. I amaze Peter with that ability to identify actors in other roles.
8. I can’t tell my left from my right but I have a good memory of how to get places. If I have been taken somewhere several times, I can pick myself back there even if it has been years since I was there.
9. I am a very fast reader and retain what I read. However I have serious problems spelling and pronouncing words.
10. Animals gravitate to me.

I am grateful that I know so many clever people.


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