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We are home now.

That was a week’s worth of highs and lows.

I want to say a couple of things about Phoenix ComicCon before getting into other things.

Matt and his crew throw an amazing convention. We were well taken care of from the time we got there until we left. They handled our issues along with a lot of other issues as well as they could given the circumstances. I would highly recommend this convention not only for the crew but the fans as well who are enthusiastic and warm.

Shout out to the hotel staff at the Hyatt who managed to keep things moving, especially the elevators, forward. Yes it was a bit of a pain at peak times to get to one’s room but we all made it and a short wait for safety and no broken elevators was worth it.

Shout out to the staff at the convention center along with the security staff who were given an impossible situation where not everyone was going to be happy and managed to improve on it between Friday and Saturday so that things went back to moving along much smoother.

Shout out to the fans also who dealt with things with a sense of humor rather than get mad at the convention that they could not bring in their props. I do understand that a lot of work went into them and you wanted to show them off, but considering what happened I hope that you can see why they did what they did.

Now for those of you are reading and wondering what the heck I am talking about. Here’s what happened at the convention on Thursday from the local paper the Arizona Republic. Short version was that someone got in with a bunch of loaded weapons and threatened to shoot police and an actor who was attending. He talk about it on social media (facebook) and someone called the local police to inform them what was going on just in case it was serious which is was. So thank you to the individual to stepped forward and said something because they saw something.

What is not being said in the paper because he is now claiming he was there to kill Jason David Franks (Green Power Ranger) as his motivation is that his original reasons for being there are even a little more scary than that. He was stalking someone who was at the convention. He texted/message her that if she didn’t go out with him/spend time with him, people were going to pay. This behavior on his part had apparently been going on for a while. He had come to the convention because she was going to be there. The person who reported him was friends with the young lady who was being stalked and they were concerned at the escalation of the threats both at the police, the convention and this young woman.

We had that clouding the convention. The convention offered refunds if people didn’t want to come because of what happened. Some fans got bent out of shape because they couldn’t bring their cosplay weapons and went to the Internet to cry how unfair all this was. I think that the convention did the best they could under the circumstances and did a blanket policy that would ensure the safety of the staff, guests, and attendees. I will say it was easier to walk through the convention without having to worry about being smacked in the face with an oversized prop or baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

Peter had to leave the convention on Sunday due to his mother passing away. Caroline and I stayed to greet fans and pass out his autograph. We joined him in Connecticut the next day and spent time with our family up there. We returned yesterday evening and now are working out the next thing on our plate.

I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and sympathy. It really does mean a lot to us.

I promise to talk about our more positive adventures from the convention tomorrow. Today I have to get the bathroom ready for the contractors who are coming to repair a number of issues with it including the fact that the tub is cracked.

I am grateful for family.
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My mother-in-law, Dalia, passed away yesterday. We knew that this was going to happen but it still hurts. Today Peter is flying back so that he can attend the funeral Monday. It was decided a while ago that if it happened this weekend, Caroline and I would stay to talk to fans and give out cards with his signature to people who wanted them. We fly back tomorrow and then go to join him and the rest of the family.

If you want to know where Peter got his wicked sense of humor, it was from his mother. She had a quick wit and could keep up verbally with the jokes being tossed around. Apparently that made getting through an entire Seder interesting.

She was smart. She had a Masters in Mathematics from Barnard and worked in the 1950s for Crick and Watson who discovered DNA. She had a number of other jobs over the years that she did extremely well while raising three children.

She loved her children with a fiery passion. Cross her kids and you have crossed her and woe betide you if you did that. She loved her grandchildren and her great grandchildren.

She told me that she loved watching Peter and me together. She said it reminded her of Gunter and herself. She loved me because I made her son happy and whole again.

We had a good mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship. She was amazed at my life before I met Peter and all that I had done. She gave me recipes for things that she made Peter that he liked.

She is loved and will be missed by us.

I am grateful for having Dalia in my life.
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Dear Peter,

Sixteen years ago we stood in front of family and friends and swore our love for each other.

This year finds us in Phoenix Arizona for the Phoenix ComicCon. We seem to do a lot of conventions on our anniversary weekend. That’s not really unexpected since it is Memorial Day Weekend.

This year has been a little more of a roller coaster than most. We have had some serious ups and downs this past year but we still stand together and I think we are stronger for it.

I love you and I find that I love you a little more each day, which each day doesn't seem possible until it happens.

You make me happy. You support me in my endeavors. You encourage me to do things that I am not sure I can do and, much to my amazement, I can.

You make me laugh. We can discuss anything. I am never at a loss for conversation with you. We speculate what is going to happen in the shows we watch. We read things that each other write before the rest of the world.

We trust each other. We know that we have each other’s backs and that has been proved over and over.

Today we go to the convention and do our convention things. There will be adventures here and probably a good story or two to come out of it.

We know we love each other. We express it to each other in many ways.

I look forward to my next year with you and the next and as many as we can get.

Your Wife
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Or rather at the Tara movie theater in Atlanta when it still had one of the biggest screens in the city, I watched a movie unfold that changed my life. And I mean that both figuratively and literally. I walked into the theater knowing very little and I walked out wanting to see that film again over and over and over.

A year later I got to do just that when the $1.00 theater opened Star Wars. I went to see it so many times, the gentleman who owned the theater stop charging me for each viewing and occasionally would give me free popcorn. It is one of the few films I can honestly say I have seen hundreds of times.

Since then I have seen the other films with fellow fans. Even dressed up for them in an Imperial Officer outfit. My friend Bill Ritch made sure to get tickets for all of us and a place in line for the last one.

Last year we went to a screening that our local comic book store did for Rogue One. It is always fun seeing the Star Wars Saga with fellow fans.

Then there are all the people I have met because of Star Wars including most of the original cast. I have friends work on the movies.

I worked on Star Wars when I was at Del Rey. That was one of my favorite jobs for so many reasons but Star Wars was the cherry on top. I have a whole set of friends who I became friends with because I worked at Del Rey. I am going to see a number of them this weekend at Phoenix ComicCon.

Then there are the stories that I have because of Star Wars.

One of the best was after we went to see Six Dance Lessons in Six Day that Mark was in. Afterwards we went to the dressing room and caught Mark up with what was going on with us and Peter kept admonishing Mark from talking because his voice was just shot. We walked out with him while he and Peter were still discussing something about comics at the time. Mark started signing all the things thrust upon him. And I stood back as Peter and Mark continued to talk with Mark thanking people for coming. I heard someone say, “Oh my god! That’s Peter David!” and a mutter began as those who were comic fans as well as Star Wars fans realized who walked out with Mark. Then I heard, “And who is she?” inquiring why I was with the two men. Peter reached back and took my hand in his and gave me a kiss. We bundled Mark off in his car and went home after Peter signed a few autographs for fans.

I also have my Jeremy Bullock and a puppet story but that’s for the 50th anniversary or when you find me at a convention and want a really good Star Wars related story.

I am grateful for Star Wars in so many ways.
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Yesterday I attended an Artist Brunch hosted by two friends of mine. It is a very interesting mix of creative people and we talk about all kinds of things with the main topic being our art in whatever form that takes.

Two of the topics that were discussed were procrastination and working in panic and how to stop both from happening. I was relieved to find that I am not the only one who deals with this. I learned some new ways to deal with both issues and have a lot to think about from that talk.

One of the people, who is an amazing artist, asked me if I ever turn off my creative brain. I had to answer honestly I don’t think I can. Do I get points that I feel less creative? Sure, but I can’t think of one artist I know that hasn’t found that. But it never shuts down. Give me a problem or an idea that you want my input on and I am off and running as my brain goes through all the possibilities that might work for the topic at hand.

One of my favorite panels at DragonCon is the “so you want to make a puppet” panel where I gather people that I know have a massively diverse skill set and we brainstorm about how one might make the puppet that others want to build. That is where I feel I soar.

My brain is in permanent “What if?” mode. And this can be good or bad depending on the circumstances.

I also showed my dolls to the group so they got to see up close the work I do there. I haven’t made a doll probably since the stroke, although I could be wrong. I am feeling the itch to make a couple more. I think this time I am going to create with Caroline so she can finish the doll she is working on. More on that tomorrow.

I am so very grateful that I was invited to be part of such a wonderful group.
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This weekend finds us at the The Five Points Festival at Pier 36. This does break our ‘no first time conventions’ rule but we know a lot of the people running it and we trust them. We are at table A-9 so come on by and say hi. Caroline will be doing drawings, I will have puppets, and Peter will be there with books and scripts as well.

So that means I have to put together what we need to have at the convention. Books, Art supplies, and Puppets. Along with the other things that we bring to conventions to make life easier. As I am typing this, I am pulling things that we need like the Square that needs to be charged.

I am also going to an Artist Brunch on Sunday and I want to bring some of the dolls that I have made.

Next week we will be at the Phoenix Comic Con. Come on by on Friday (May 26th) and wish us a Happy Anniversary as it will be our 16th wedding anniversary.

Then we will be home for a bit before the next set of conventions. Or rather I will be. Peter has agreed to a couple of one day appearances.

I really consider this weekend the first weekend of our 2017-2018 convention schedule.

I am grateful for new adventures
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I have been putting this one off a bit. I was watching the episodes and discussing them elsewhere including on the podcast MarkWho42.

Then I got an email from a friend who said that they missed my NWR and wanted to know what I thought of the season so far. I got two other messages on facebook from some other friends asking the same question. Which leads me to believe that people actually read my reviews.

So this is going to be the usual that above the cut is spoiler free and below the cut and in the comments spoilers are allowed. I am also asking speculation ONLY for episodes that have not aired. No spoilers sweetie.

The Pilot (which was very cleverly named)

Introducing a new companion is a tricky thing. In short order you have to get the character into the story, give the audience an idea of who this person is and where they fit in or if they fit in, and then you drop them into the middle of the Doctor’s life to sink or swim.

Moffat was smart and kept the introduction of Bill Potts on Earth. We follow her journey through this adventure and through that discover who she is. Pearl Mackie is very much up to the task at hand and gives us a wonderful performance. There is a whimsy to this episode that had been lacking in the previous season.

Over all I found it a solid start to the season.


First full adventure on another planet.

Bill takes things in stride but questions everything. I think her questions which, on occasion, catch the Doctor short and he has to think about the answer are rather fun.

We have an episode where the big bad is man made rather than alien. And I will give Frank Cottrell-Boyce credit for Best Use of Emojis in a TV show along with the crew that created the robots used in this episode.

I liked that this episode, after you saw the whole thing, made you reconsider who was in the wrong here.

It gave us a look at how Bill handled being on an alien planet with the Doctor but I did miss Nardole. I know that they are minimizing his use at this point so the focus can be on Bill.

Thin Ice

So we go from distant planet to historical (loosely) drama and find the Doctor and Bill at the last Ice Fair on the Thames in 1814 with a mystery under the ice.

This was a solid monster episode with the question being raised who is more monstrous, the monster or the humans. It reminded me of old Who in many ways. This easily would have worked with Pertwee or Troughton.

The discussion of the whitewashing of history and racism then and now set a lot of people off on the Internet, but I have to say that Sarah Dollard managed to walk that tightrope over the pit of vipers very well. Bill having concerns about how she is going to be treated because of the color of her skin gave gravitas to things that happen later. She is aware of the history behind the Empire. Bill is many things but she is not stupid.

The monster was more to move the plot forward than to be an obstacle.

Good dialogue and wonderful acting.

Knock Knock

I liked this one because we saw the Doctor try to fit into Bill’s world, which is a bit of a switch for Doctor Who. And David Suchet is wonderfully creepy in it.

That Bill found a house that was not quite right should not surprise anyone. I though that the roomates ranged from Ok to Interesting. The solution was a little convoluted but when I rewatched it, I could see the pipework that led to it so they didn’t cheat.

I would like this gang to find another house that they could afford to rent.

I also like how Bill’s sexuality was address by another character who then respected her wishes and backed off. That is how it should be in the real world.


I had liked the episodes this season. I thought they were well written and well acted and worth another watch. Then we got to this one and I am in love with these characters (being the Doctor, Bill, and Nardole).

The first full show of Doctor Who I saw was Sunmakers. This one reminded me a lot of that however the big bad is not an alien or a monster but something of our own making which is the second time this has been done in this season. Dare I say we are seeing a theme here?
There are a number of ticking clocks that push the plot forward. I though that Jamie Mathieson (Mummy on the Orient Express) did a fine job with the characters. It was nice seeing Nardole in the mix. The dialogue had its witty moments and a few that had me saying Oh Holy Carp!

We get to see Bill deal with the reality of being part of the Doctor’s life. It can be dangerous as much as exhilarating. She almost dies more than once. In saving her, the Doctor loses something rather precious to him.

Nardole yet again reminds the Doctor of what he made Nardole promise to do and the consequences of his actions because the Doctor can’t seem to stay put. Nardole is the Doctor’s Jiminy Cricket.

That the consequences from one episode are going to have ripping effects to the next couple makes me happy.

Overall I am loving this season and it is a crying shame that this is it for Capaldi since I think this is the year that he has really hit his stride. Pearl Mackie is making Bill go quickly up my favorite companion scale. And Capaldi has done something that I didn’t think possible and made his Doctor my new favorite Doctor. He was edging there but these episodes just shows me what might be.

Breath )
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It is one of those occasions that one remembers exactly where one was when you heard the news. I was in the green room of the Yale Rep Theater on York St in New Haven, CT. To say I was devastated would to understate the kick in the gut when I found out. Jim Henson was dead and the world seemed to dim a bit.

If not for Jim Henson, I would not be making the kinds of puppets that I am known for. If I hadn’t been building those puppets, I would not have met Peter the way that we met and connected. If I had not met Peter, I would not have Caroline in my life in fact I doubt if I would be alive.

Because of Jim Henson, I have a crazy tribe that I belong to. We joking call each other doll wigglers because of Gonzo the Great asking Kermit what a puppet was.

Kermit: It’s a doll that’s made to look alive by wiggling strings or putting your hand in it.

Gonzo (thinks about it for a minute and then shakes his head): What a stupid idea! Who wants to watch dolls wiggle? I mean, I wouldn’t even do an act like that! Dolls wiggling, talk about boring. (Gonzo leaves)

Kermit (looking into camera): I didn’t have the heart to tell him.

That was from the Senor Wences episode of the Muppet Show.

I have made friends because I make puppets. I have interesting stories to tell because I make puppets. And I make puppets because of Jim and his body of work.

Henson’s work brought joy into my life at some pretty dark times. Gave me a reason to get to the next day and the next because I wanted to see the next episode or movie and sometimes holding onto to that kept me from letting go entirely.

So today I will work on puppets in honor of Jim Henson. I will create and make in his memory. I will proudly wiggle dolls for fun and profit.

I am grateful that I got to meet Jim Henson.
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Last week I wasn’t sure if I would get done all that I had to get done by Friday. I really felt behind the 8-ball. But I did it. I got everything done.

That both fills me with hope and trepidation about this next week.

The end of the week finds us at the Five Points Festival. Peter will be at table A-9 in the artist alley.

But the days between now and then need to get some online and off line stuff done.

If you missed the news last week, we paid the IRS so that monkey is off our backs.

This week we get the Let’s Kill Glenn anthology going.

Then onto Peter’s Patreon account so that we don’t have another tax crises.

I have to send some puppets to England and get Arthur done and to his new owner.

And find some dolls I want to bring to this month’s Artist Brunch.

And keep the house clean and neat.

And get Caroline’s closet to the next step.

And whatever else crops up.

Oh and after getting the other puppets done, get started on DragonCon.


I am grateful for what I got done.
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Peter is going to be posting about the IRS debt and some other things on his site later to day.

Big news that I am involved in is an anthology that the two of us are going to edit entitled, “Let’s Kill Glenn” where the authors get to come up with ideas for the demise of Glenn Hauman the web master for this site. More on that on Peter’s site then the Crazy 8 website and then here once we have the rest of the dominos in place. Glenn has given his blessing for this enterprise.

Peter’s Patreon is going to go live by June 1st. That’s the goal and we are using the money we raise there for taxes next year and paying our accountant who has been doing a yeoman’s work.

Today is about finishing the living room for tomorrow that had a bit of a spanner put in it yesterday when I found water on the floor of the closet.

We had to have the plumbers back in to fix the toilet that they fixed yesterday. It wasn’t entirely fixed and there was a leak, which is how this whole mess started. Crossing fingers that we don’t have any more problems.

Now onto that and a few other things that MUST BE DONE.

I am grateful that the plumbers were very apologetic for the problem and fixed it.
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I have been rather quiet recently on the Internet.

First off is that we have a lot going on here so finding the time to just sit and write rather than work on things is a challenge.

Today I have given myself one cup of coffee to write something.

Another reason is because my mother taught me two things that I keep close to my heart. If you haven’t anything nice to say, then think carefully if you should say it at all and think before you speak especially if you are angry.

I have nice things to say to all the people who have helped us this past month. Hard to believe this all started a month ago. Restored my belief in humanity, which has taken quite a hit since the election in the United States.

I will say again, as politely as I can, my child therefor my rules. I know my daughter. I know her likes and dislikes. I can determine what she can and cannot do. I am very careful respect other parent’s wishes when it come to their children. I would like mine respected as well. Nothing specific but I am tired of the looks I get after their children tell them about something Caroline did or saw that they can’t.

I have been frustrated at the gym recently by two groups of patrons who are machine hogs. If you are going to have a long and involved conversation, please don’t have it while sitting at a machine that others want to use and know that, especially if you are being loud because one member is practically deaf, we will hear you and your conversation. The other group are the weigh hogs who grab 4 sets of weights and put them around a bench so that no one else has a chance to use them. They also are the group that sets up a series of machines and then gets upset when you use one that is not being used even if you put the machine back to their preset. Now I do a series on a set of machines, but I work around the other people also using those machines so everyone gets a chance at getting their workout done in a timely fashion. Yeah, that one has been bothering me for a while.

I tend to avoid a lot of the darker places on the Internet. I have heard about 4Chan and other places were trolls seem to meet for the sole purpose of bashing people that they don’t know to make themselves feel better/superior. Right now I am rather ticked off by some ‘fans’ of a show that are being rude and abusive to the people who make the show that they say they love so much. These ‘fans’ have also gone after the actors on various social media platforms to try to win them to their cause. Also an actor is not their role. Someone who can play the villain well is not a villain in real life. That’s why it is called ACTING. Blaming the actor for something that the character did is seven kinds of bad crazy. Yes, I do get angry when I see people having a go at Peter for reasons that surpasses understanding.

This week is packed with things that MUST BE DONE by a certain date or time. As an adult, I have to make this happen. Would I rather be doing something else like writing or puppet making? Sure, but I know what needs to be done so I can get back to those activities. Priorities, I have them.

I honestly don’t know if I am going to radio silence or find myself writing more often. It is going to be one or the other. Please have patience with me either way. I will try to be polite about it.

I am grateful for plumbers who go above and beyond.
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Because of things happening here this week, I have a ton of motivation to get the living room back into shape. Right now it is mostly stuff in the corners that I have been ignoring.

Saturday we finally got rid of the last of the black mold from the slow leak that permeated the downstairs closet. We had Mold Busters in and they stripped and the drywall and tiles so the closet is down to the studs. (Note to my mother, Yes, I am working on Caroline’s closet. We need to find a time for both of us to go to Home Depot and get what we need. Yes, I know we are going on 6 months since the project was green lit. Everyone else keep me honest on this one. Caroline wants her closet to be a big girl closet and work.)

Today we can finally get the plumber in to fix the leak that will allow us to use our upstairs toilet again. The mold was preventing this from happening.

Then on Friday we have some people coming by the house, which means I have less than 5 days to get the living room in order.

Do-able but I am going to have to do some other things before I can get to that done. Sort of reverse dominos.

So I will be working at getting things done.

I am grateful for that which is done and will be done.

Quiet Time

May. 7th, 2017 09:07 am
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A lot going on here at home. More on that after Peter talks about it.

I have a lot to do this week. Most are things that need to be done rather than things I want to do but that is part of being an adult.

Anyone have any advise on how to run a kickstarter? We need to do one for an anthology about the various demises of Glenn Hauman. It's cool, he knows we are doing this.

I have a long list of things that Peter needs to do tomorrow.

I have until Friday for one project.

Not at my best but I am still here.

Also anyone who has any ideas/information on running a Patreon account, please chime in. I need to figure this out by June.

I am grateful for what we have accomplished this past week.
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Again I am going to keep this spoiler free but I am going to allow the comment section to contain spoilers.

Last night we ventured into the city in two groups to see the Marvel Family and Friends screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Peter left first because he had some meetings at Marvel. Caroline and I took the train because Caroline had school.

Short version, it is an amazing visual feast with an awesome script that does all the characters justice.

Someone after the screening said, “This is the Marvel Film that feels most like you are watching a comic book” and I whole heartedly agree.

I was rather impressed that all the questions set up early in the film are answered by the end of the film along with some set up for the next film which was green lit six days ago.

They also made me care about some characters that I liked from the previous film but didn’t care what happened to them.

Yes, Baby Goot or more like Toddler Groot is amazing and cute and all the things you want him to be. I think Marvel/Disney figured out that they missed on the possibilities of marketing Groot from the first film and are going to make up for lost time with this film. Have you seen the amount of Baby Groot stuff there is for sale? It is staggering.

We learn more about the backgrounds of our characters while the film moves forward. I have to give them kudos for filling in some blanks without it feeling like the movie came to a halt so we can get some backstory in.

There are several Marvel characters introduced in this one including Mantis brilliantly played by Pom Klementieff and Ego played by Kurt Russell who probably would have been cast as Star Lord if they had made this film in the 80s.

The soundtrack is amazing. It’s like I made another mix tape for myself.

You have to stay all the way through to the end. There are a number of credit scenes and the credits are fun to watch. It does need to be seen on the big screen because there is a lot going on in the corners.

Stan’s cameo answers a number of questions that I didn’t even know I needed answered.

Two thumbs way up.
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Since Peter had his stroke and our world got turned upside down.

A lot of living has gone on since then. But that day is still vivid in my mind. I was informed that I might have to make some tough decisions. I was asked what his wishes were in terms of care and a whole lot of if this happens then…

He pulled through to the point that he is in what is known as the lucky 1% of people who have recovered from the form of stroke that he had with little to no damage. He neurologist was pretty amazed at Peter’s recovery and informed him that unless something happened, they didn’t need to see each other anymore.

There are things that he needs to do to prevent another stroke and he is doing them. He recently acquired a FitBit that allows him to see how active or inactive he is being from day to day along with his food consumption, water intake, and sleep. Give him information on how to improve on that.

Why is this on my mind? We are almost at the point that we can take care of the IRS bill. We were potential there or close to before and then the stroke put the kybosh on several projects so I am not holding my breath until it is done.

We continue to talk about the stroke as fans want to know that Peter is OK even though it was four years ago. The past health crises is another topic of conversation as well. And we educate people about the symptoms of stroke. I know we have saved a couple of people’s lives because they read or heard the information or their loved ones did and recognized what was going on then got them the help they needed.

Today Caroline and Peter are off to the East Coast Comic Con for the day. He will sign stuff and talk to fans. Caroline will do her usual convention routine. I am home with a Me day which I am plotting what to do with.

Our lives are normal or what passes around here for normal and that is a good thing. Occasionally the specter of the stroke will come back and haunt us for a bit and we are never going to forget what happened four years and four months ago. But we survived and moved on.

I am grateful that I can send Peter to a convention.
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A year ago found us in Knoxville, TN visiting Ariel and Anthony. We figured this would be the last time we would see Ariel before she gave birth to her baby. It was along with our first time meeting AJ who was born one year ago today.

Here is a picture from that day with Caroline holding her nephew for the first time.

Aunt Caroline meets AJ photo IMG_2507_zpsstcsyps3.jpg
(For the VI: This is Caroline holding AJ who is not even an hour old at this point. AJ is in her arms and wrapped up in white blankets with blue and pink stripes.)

Now he is walking and starting to talk. He likes Maui from Mowana. He loved his doggie. He loves his mommy and daddy. He sleeps in a toddler bed.

AJ at one

 photo 18216164_10154864431102415_196837849_o_zpshkel8c3z.jpg
(for the VI: This is AJ wearing a Spiderman shirt with a pirate over shirt. He has curly brown hair and brown eyes. He is holding his ‘lightsaber’)

Happy Birthday AJ. Know that we love you and are excited to see what you get up to as you head from babyhood to toddlerdom.

I am grateful we were in Knoxville last year on this day.
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Peter, being the best husband in the world, got up at 5:00 AM this morning to take Caroline to her school where she went on her 8th grade class field trip to Boston which will be an overnight trip. This afternoon Peter goes into the city to Midtown Comics the downtown location (64 Fulton Street, New York, New York 10038) for a Scarlet Spider signing from 6 to 8. I have bowling this evening.

Saturday Caroline and Peter are going to the East Coast Comic Con and I am going to take the day for myself.

The NFL draft starts today. I have heard the pundits speculate who is going where and when. Rather than watching the draft, I think I will watch Draft Day instead. Kevin Costner is really good in sports films and that is a gem of a film that never got the attention of the public. No football team is going to win the Super Bowl this year based on who they draft. Five years down the road maybe. Personally I am not holding my breath for any of the teams I have an interest in.

Baseball is going on. I am hoping that the Mets have a better season than they are having now. And it all seems due to injury more than anything else. Braves are doing OK but I can’t say that I am blown away by the new stadium plus I have friends who are getting screwed by the traffic.

I have to get cracking on two projects. I have Saturday to get at least one out of the way and maybe two.

I did go to the gym yesterday and worked upper body. Normally I do my usual routine and then add a couple of exercises to finish out. Usually this is 3 but yesterday I went on a tear and did my usual routine and 10 more. Today I feel fine but I have an inkling that tomorrow I am going to be in a bit of pain. Part of the reason I hit hard is that I felt like I was stuck and needed to mix it up a bit. Tomorrow is leg day and I plan to pretty much do the same thing depending on my energy level. I will say that my hands were shaking really bad after finishing yesterday but it was a good shake.

The cats have finally stop hiding that they are getting along well and sleep together. There are still some spats here and there but overall it has been nice. Inky is currently sleeping at my hip, which she does in the morning when I am on the computer. Fig is on top of Caroline’s hoodie which she has been wearing so it smells like Caroline. She is so much Caroline’s cat.

Peter has been using a fitbit to tell him how much he is moving. He has been walking around the block more to get his steps up especially when he has been writing all day. He is looking at his stats that is giving him information he has not had before like how little he walks on the days he goes on a writing tear.

Next week will have a couple of announcements including a call for entries in an anthology that we are putting together entitled “Let’s kill Glenn” which happened out of an offhand comment at Farpoint regarding Glenn Hauman. Also soon we will be announcing Peter’s Patreon.

We are still stunning and humbled by the help that people are giving us. We see the light at the end of the tunnel and will luck it is not the on coming train.

The May issue of Nutrition Action proves that you can put Benedict Cumberbatch on any cover. Yes, he is on the cover and the reason is tenable at best.

OK now I am truly rambling.

I am grateful for the fact we just happen to be in Knoxville a year ago. More on that tomorrow.
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Back in the day at Emory we had classes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and a few on Saturday but mostly labs. We had Wednesday to catch up on homework and the like. Some of us did that and others used it as a get out of college free card. On the last one we broke a world record for largest non-alcoholic toast, which we still hold apparently. I think I still have the cup somewhere at my parents’ house.

So I am re-instituting Wonderful Wednesday in my life and on this web log. Call it a midweek catch up if you will. So currently I have, in the order where I created them, Crafty Tuesday, Motivation Monday, and now Wonderful Wednesday so that gives me something clever for Thursday and Friday to think up although Peter does have Freaked Out Friday on his weblog.

Thus I am creating structure out of chaos. Not that I am going to stick to it but it will give me a starting point.

I don’t plan on retiring Random Thoughts Before the Coffee Kicks In (RTBTCKI).

This week so far I managed to get the living room in order after our last couple of trips, got two weeks worth of laundry done, and cleaned up the kitchen. This along with my gym routine back in place along with some writing.

Not my best nor my worst week. I want to get back to the puppets, which may happen today. We will see.

The fog that has been filtering through my brain seems to be lifting and I am wanted to do things rather than having to do something. All this is positive movement.

I am grateful for things that make me happy.
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This weekend was a quiet weekend at home with a visit to a local convention. Caroline had an active social life with her friends. Visit to the gym and other weekend activities were achieved.

This week is a little more complicated with Caroline’s 8th grade trip, Peter’s obligations, and various other things that need attention.

We have some conventions coming up that need to be sorted out.

But right now I would say that it is a bit of a pause that gives me some time to write down the order of next then start down the list.

A lot going on in my head but that’s my problem that I have to work through.

Spring has sprung and the trees are at that odd shade of new green.

I am going to walk to the gym today then deal with some stuff around the house.

I am grateful for forward movement in life.
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This is the 47th Earth Day and the shape of our planet is both better and worse than it was on the first one.

I like our planet. It’s a good planet. I was taught from the time I was a child that I had to help my planet by doing things that would reduce the amount of abuse we heap upon this planet.

My parents were recycling before recycling was cool. It is easier for Caroline than it was for me. As a society we recognize that we have to do something even if it is a little thing to help sustain the planet we live on. Most trash cans in public areas now have a waste side and a recycling side.

Caroline’s school has installed water fountains that have a function where you can refill your water bottle rather than buying another one. I am seeing those more and more, which makes me happy. The one at her school has a counter of how many water bottles were saved by re-use.

Our village has banned plastic bags and seriously encouraged people to use re-usable bags by charging the customer for each paper bag that they use. Paper, unlike plastic, does degrade however, unless made of totally recycled materials, the bags are made of trees. So it is a balance.

Our local YMCA has replaced paper towels with small cloth towels for wiping down the machines. Again saving trees but each towel has to be laundered using electricity and water so it is a trade off.

And that is true of most of what we can do for the planet. Light bulbs that last longer so we have less in our landfills. Composting what we can, which we need a permit from the village to do. I used tote bags we get at conventions and the like to carry things that I buy rather than having another plastic bag in the house. We plant trees to replace the ones that we have lost. We plant flowers that bees like to help the local population. Our library even has a seed bank. Our cat litter is bio-degradable.

We have one planet and we as a global community need to find ways to help it so it can sustain us. So on this day, hug a tree and promise to do what you can to make sure that the next generation has a planet to live on.

I am grateful for bags made of recycled materials like plastic.


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