Jul. 4th, 2017

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Caroline is celebrating it with her sister in Florida so Peter and I have our schedule planned. Baseball at 11 A.M. Why 11 A.M? Well apparently to get as much MLB in a day as possible. We are a nation of sports junkies apparently. Then our annual viewing of 1776 the Director’s cut, which includes two songs that were cut from the original film. Later burgers will be eaten and fireworks seen. And that will be our Fourth o’ July.

Between that I have a number of things that need to get done now that the workmen are done with the inside of the house. They still have some shingles to replace on the outside. This makes our upstairs bathroom usable again and that makes me happy.

But now onto the convention circuit and a short David family vacation. Cat sitter is more than happy about it.

I have to pack with an eye for two sets of activities. This includes all our convention stuff and our vacation stuff. Some of it is the same but other items are not. And I am going to have to do laundry more than once during our travels.

First I need to do laundry then I pack. I also need to make sure I have certain items in place including a bag o’ puppets. I have this wacky idea for the 12th Doctor costume I will be wearing. Photos if I can pull it off.

Peter has his books and scripts.

Caroline has her art and art supplies.

You can see where this becomes a challenge.

I have no idea if I am going to go silent or blog more often. I guess we will all see.

I am grateful for my country of birth.


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