Jun. 11th, 2017

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Haven’t done one of these in a while but then haven’t had much to talk about either since I wasn’t having many issues of getting to the equipment when I needed it.

I did get a compliment the other day. I was finishing up my workout when one of the regulars came over and said in a humorous tone, “You are done for the week. We have been watching you and we are tired.”

I have been pushing it a bit because I hit a plateau and needed to mix it up to make progress again. So some exercises went out and others came in. I also added 5 to 10 pounds to most of the routine.

Results have been mixed. Some days I can complete at a certain weight and others I have to drop it a bit for the last set to keep good form.

Nothing pulled but the usual pains are still there. Did drop a weight I had a hand spasm and scaring a group of women who were on the newest machine.

I have been explaining more why I do the exercises I do in the order that I do them in. Taught a couple of people about how if you use a different foot position you can work out different sets of muscles on the same machine.

There are a number of ‘new’ regulars now. People who started at the beginning of the year and have kept it up and people who are worried about how they are going to look during swim suit season. I expect that most of the swimsuit folks will be gone before the end of the summer.

I can still tell when various exercise magazines come out as I am watching people do new things with the equipment and not always what it was built for as we have a large sign on one of them now that says ‘Do not use backwards’ since it has broken twice in the last month for people trying something that catches the cable and jams it.

I have been spotting for people more, which is a nice feeling that they figure I am strong enough to keep them from injuring themselves.

I am still dealing with some machine/weight hogs. If they would just add some weight, they would do themselves more good than the 500 reps of next to no weight which is not really helping them. Adding weight if you are a woman is not going to give you manly muscles because you don’t have the testosterone in your system to do that. And the rest of us are tired of waiting half an hour for you to finished your workout and various text conversations on the phone. Also an empty bench that you are not using is not your towel/water bottle/gym bag storage unit. There are lockers in the front of the room that you can use.

My Fitbit is keeping me honest about the length of my workouts. It is nice to have a record of it that I can consult.

Over all I know I have more energy and I just feel better when I consistently exercise.

Next step is to clean up my eating habits, which I am working on this week.

I am grateful for any positive that come out of regular exercise.


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