May. 22nd, 2017

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Yesterday I attended an Artist Brunch hosted by two friends of mine. It is a very interesting mix of creative people and we talk about all kinds of things with the main topic being our art in whatever form that takes.

Two of the topics that were discussed were procrastination and working in panic and how to stop both from happening. I was relieved to find that I am not the only one who deals with this. I learned some new ways to deal with both issues and have a lot to think about from that talk.

One of the people, who is an amazing artist, asked me if I ever turn off my creative brain. I had to answer honestly I don’t think I can. Do I get points that I feel less creative? Sure, but I can’t think of one artist I know that hasn’t found that. But it never shuts down. Give me a problem or an idea that you want my input on and I am off and running as my brain goes through all the possibilities that might work for the topic at hand.

One of my favorite panels at DragonCon is the “so you want to make a puppet” panel where I gather people that I know have a massively diverse skill set and we brainstorm about how one might make the puppet that others want to build. That is where I feel I soar.

My brain is in permanent “What if?” mode. And this can be good or bad depending on the circumstances.

I also showed my dolls to the group so they got to see up close the work I do there. I haven’t made a doll probably since the stroke, although I could be wrong. I am feeling the itch to make a couple more. I think this time I am going to create with Caroline so she can finish the doll she is working on. More on that tomorrow.

I am so very grateful that I was invited to be part of such a wonderful group.


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