May. 19th, 2017

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This weekend finds us at the The Five Points Festival at Pier 36. This does break our ‘no first time conventions’ rule but we know a lot of the people running it and we trust them. We are at table A-9 so come on by and say hi. Caroline will be doing drawings, I will have puppets, and Peter will be there with books and scripts as well.

So that means I have to put together what we need to have at the convention. Books, Art supplies, and Puppets. Along with the other things that we bring to conventions to make life easier. As I am typing this, I am pulling things that we need like the Square that needs to be charged.

I am also going to an Artist Brunch on Sunday and I want to bring some of the dolls that I have made.

Next week we will be at the Phoenix Comic Con. Come on by on Friday (May 26th) and wish us a Happy Anniversary as it will be our 16th wedding anniversary.

Then we will be home for a bit before the next set of conventions. Or rather I will be. Peter has agreed to a couple of one day appearances.

I really consider this weekend the first weekend of our 2017-2018 convention schedule.

I am grateful for new adventures


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