May. 15th, 2017

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Last week I wasn’t sure if I would get done all that I had to get done by Friday. I really felt behind the 8-ball. But I did it. I got everything done.

That both fills me with hope and trepidation about this next week.

The end of the week finds us at the Five Points Festival. Peter will be at table A-9 in the artist alley.

But the days between now and then need to get some online and off line stuff done.

If you missed the news last week, we paid the IRS so that monkey is off our backs.

This week we get the Let’s Kill Glenn anthology going.

Then onto Peter’s Patreon account so that we don’t have another tax crises.

I have to send some puppets to England and get Arthur done and to his new owner.

And find some dolls I want to bring to this month’s Artist Brunch.

And keep the house clean and neat.

And get Caroline’s closet to the next step.

And whatever else crops up.

Oh and after getting the other puppets done, get started on DragonCon.


I am grateful for what I got done.


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