May. 11th, 2017

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Peter is going to be posting about the IRS debt and some other things on his site later to day.

Big news that I am involved in is an anthology that the two of us are going to edit entitled, “Let’s Kill Glenn” where the authors get to come up with ideas for the demise of Glenn Hauman the web master for this site. More on that on Peter’s site then the Crazy 8 website and then here once we have the rest of the dominos in place. Glenn has given his blessing for this enterprise.

Peter’s Patreon is going to go live by June 1st. That’s the goal and we are using the money we raise there for taxes next year and paying our accountant who has been doing a yeoman’s work.

Today is about finishing the living room for tomorrow that had a bit of a spanner put in it yesterday when I found water on the floor of the closet.

We had to have the plumbers back in to fix the toilet that they fixed yesterday. It wasn’t entirely fixed and there was a leak, which is how this whole mess started. Crossing fingers that we don’t have any more problems.

Now onto that and a few other things that MUST BE DONE.

I am grateful that the plumbers were very apologetic for the problem and fixed it.


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