May. 8th, 2017

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Because of things happening here this week, I have a ton of motivation to get the living room back into shape. Right now it is mostly stuff in the corners that I have been ignoring.

Saturday we finally got rid of the last of the black mold from the slow leak that permeated the downstairs closet. We had Mold Busters in and they stripped and the drywall and tiles so the closet is down to the studs. (Note to my mother, Yes, I am working on Caroline’s closet. We need to find a time for both of us to go to Home Depot and get what we need. Yes, I know we are going on 6 months since the project was green lit. Everyone else keep me honest on this one. Caroline wants her closet to be a big girl closet and work.)

Today we can finally get the plumber in to fix the leak that will allow us to use our upstairs toilet again. The mold was preventing this from happening.

Then on Friday we have some people coming by the house, which means I have less than 5 days to get the living room in order.

Do-able but I am going to have to do some other things before I can get to that done. Sort of reverse dominos.

So I will be working at getting things done.

I am grateful for that which is done and will be done.


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