Apr. 28th, 2017

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A year ago found us in Knoxville, TN visiting Ariel and Anthony. We figured this would be the last time we would see Ariel before she gave birth to her baby. It was along with our first time meeting AJ who was born one year ago today.

Here is a picture from that day with Caroline holding her nephew for the first time.

Aunt Caroline meets AJ photo IMG_2507_zpsstcsyps3.jpg
(For the VI: This is Caroline holding AJ who is not even an hour old at this point. AJ is in her arms and wrapped up in white blankets with blue and pink stripes.)

Now he is walking and starting to talk. He likes Maui from Mowana. He loved his doggie. He loves his mommy and daddy. He sleeps in a toddler bed.

AJ at one

 photo 18216164_10154864431102415_196837849_o_zpshkel8c3z.jpg
(for the VI: This is AJ wearing a Spiderman shirt with a pirate over shirt. He has curly brown hair and brown eyes. He is holding his ‘lightsaber’)

Happy Birthday AJ. Know that we love you and are excited to see what you get up to as you head from babyhood to toddlerdom.

I am grateful we were in Knoxville last year on this day.


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