Apr. 26th, 2017

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Back in the day at Emory we had classes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and a few on Saturday but mostly labs. We had Wednesday to catch up on homework and the like. Some of us did that and others used it as a get out of college free card. On the last one we broke a world record for largest non-alcoholic toast, which we still hold apparently. I think I still have the cup somewhere at my parents’ house.

So I am re-instituting Wonderful Wednesday in my life and on this web log. Call it a midweek catch up if you will. So currently I have, in the order where I created them, Crafty Tuesday, Motivation Monday, and now Wonderful Wednesday so that gives me something clever for Thursday and Friday to think up although Peter does have Freaked Out Friday on his weblog.

Thus I am creating structure out of chaos. Not that I am going to stick to it but it will give me a starting point.

I don’t plan on retiring Random Thoughts Before the Coffee Kicks In (RTBTCKI).

This week so far I managed to get the living room in order after our last couple of trips, got two weeks worth of laundry done, and cleaned up the kitchen. This along with my gym routine back in place along with some writing.

Not my best nor my worst week. I want to get back to the puppets, which may happen today. We will see.

The fog that has been filtering through my brain seems to be lifting and I am wanted to do things rather than having to do something. All this is positive movement.

I am grateful for things that make me happy.


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