Apr. 22nd, 2017

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This is the 47th Earth Day and the shape of our planet is both better and worse than it was on the first one.

I like our planet. It’s a good planet. I was taught from the time I was a child that I had to help my planet by doing things that would reduce the amount of abuse we heap upon this planet.

My parents were recycling before recycling was cool. It is easier for Caroline than it was for me. As a society we recognize that we have to do something even if it is a little thing to help sustain the planet we live on. Most trash cans in public areas now have a waste side and a recycling side.

Caroline’s school has installed water fountains that have a function where you can refill your water bottle rather than buying another one. I am seeing those more and more, which makes me happy. The one at her school has a counter of how many water bottles were saved by re-use.

Our village has banned plastic bags and seriously encouraged people to use re-usable bags by charging the customer for each paper bag that they use. Paper, unlike plastic, does degrade however, unless made of totally recycled materials, the bags are made of trees. So it is a balance.

Our local YMCA has replaced paper towels with small cloth towels for wiping down the machines. Again saving trees but each towel has to be laundered using electricity and water so it is a trade off.

And that is true of most of what we can do for the planet. Light bulbs that last longer so we have less in our landfills. Composting what we can, which we need a permit from the village to do. I used tote bags we get at conventions and the like to carry things that I buy rather than having another plastic bag in the house. We plant trees to replace the ones that we have lost. We plant flowers that bees like to help the local population. Our library even has a seed bank. Our cat litter is bio-degradable.

We have one planet and we as a global community need to find ways to help it so it can sustain us. So on this day, hug a tree and promise to do what you can to make sure that the next generation has a planet to live on.

I am grateful for bags made of recycled materials like plastic.


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