Apr. 21st, 2017

Shaky Days

Apr. 21st, 2017 09:20 am
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I can usually tell by the time I get out of bed what sort of day my ability to grip something is. If I put my hands together and the tremor is severe then I know that things will be carefully picked up with two hands and typing is going to be a real PITA with lots of unexpected typos that will have to be corrected.

The past two mornings I knew it was not going to be my best day ever due to opening my eyes and my eyelids were vibrating which is more annoying than anything else.

I know that stress can make this worse and I will admit that we have been under a lot of it recently. We are so close to being able to put the IRS debt behind us and actually be on firm financial footing for the first time in our marriage. It’s that last amount that is a hard slog. I am sure you are tired of hearing about this but it is want is on my mind and this is my blog so I am writing about it.

I haven't been good company lately. I have been feeling like a total failure because I have three projects that I MUST GET MOVING FORWARD and not one has moved an iota from my mind to the physical realm. I have been thinking a lot but I need to get cracking on it.

Spring has come to Long Island. The trees are budding and the landscape is taking that shade of green that only Spring can bring. I am hoping we are not going to just jump into summer temperatures within the next week giving us some time to enjoy this weather.

I am going to try to work out what’s next and hope that I can get things done in a more timely fashion. I have a number of countdowns/ticking clocks that need to be addressed.

I have tried being nice to myself but I think at this point I am just going to have to kick myself into motion and do rather than feel. Done this before and can do it again.

I am grateful for things that don’t break when I drop them except when the bowling ball goes into the gutter because my hand spasm cost me my grip. Don’t feel particularly grateful for that at all.


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