Apr. 16th, 2017

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But first, a Blessed Easter to all who celebrate it.

Yesterday found me on a few more panels than I was going to original join in but they were fun and I think the audience had fun too. Today is my Sherlock: Fire All Can(n)ons panel about Sherlock and the Media as a whole stretching back to when the stories were written.

Interestingly enough the topic I have been talking about the most is the state of publishing and how it effects both the big publishing houses and the little press and the self-published or whatever we are call it this week. I have been giving advice to people about the topic pretty much the whole weekend. Some stuff I said on a panel got them to thinking about various things that they have been running by me since.

Last night we viewed the new episode of Doctor Who with a bunch of other fans. I will have a New Who Review up later this week. Short version, really like Bill. Glad Nardole is still around. Interesting episode over all. Thumbs up. I will be reviewing Class as well.

My one minor complaint that is not just about this convention but a trend I am seeing at larger conventions. The convention has two hazards. One is the over sized objects people are carrying around and don't seem to be aware of where they are. The second is a new trend of walking along with your 'soundtrack ' blaring. Not everyone wants to hear it. It is nice that we have gotten speakers down to such a small size but if you really need to hear your ‘theme song’ to get into character, there are lots of small ear buds and ear phones you can use to hear it.

I am grateful for this lovely day.


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