Apr. 15th, 2017

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Why this is a retro version of the Florida SuperCon is that they are back to their original venue, which is not large enough for the full convention but it is a nice size convention.

The staff has gone above and beyond. They have been right there to solve any issues swiftly. Everyone is polite and helpful. I take comfort in knowing that the convention is well run from the handlers to the volunteers.

Yesterday was a bit of a light day so Caroline had a chance to talk to Zach Callison who is a young voice actor probably best know for voicing Steven Universe unless the kids are younger then they would know him as the voice of Prince James from Sophia the first. Gigi Edgely saw us and came over to give us a hug and catch up on life. She and Caroline had a nice conversation on drawing and the influences on the artist.

We had people at the table. Caroline hasn’t sold any of her amazing drawing yet. Yesterday seemed a bit lightly attended and a lot of people were ‘window’ shopping. With good luck, it will be better today.

The wrestling component is a big part of this convention including a ring set up for matches all during the day. Everyone had a lot of fun. You could tell when a match was going because we could hear the slam into the mat and the cheers or boos of the crowd.

With the exception of the non-working AC in the hotel room, which is a building problem not a room problem and they have been working on it, it has been a very pleasant convention.

Onto Day 2 and the premier of this season of Doctor Who and the first episode of Class or maybe a ball game. Right now the dice are in the air and we will have to see how it lands.

I am grateful for staffs that are firm but polite.


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