Apr. 14th, 2017

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Getting in the day before a convention starts is a lovely thing if you have the time to do it. That way you can slide into rather than rush and feel like you are never going to catch up.

Our flight down was pretty much textbook so I am crossing my fingers that the return will be the same. Peter and Caroline were cleared with TSA and I was not so our wait and experience was a little different including that they got to keep their shoes on and I had to take mine off. Also my bag was searched. I had some cinnamon bread in it for Caroline for breakfast today. Apparently that object trigger the search. The plus that came out of it was that I told the TSA agent where Mastori’s was and how good their cinnamon bread is.

Getting to the hotel was a little bit of an adventure and our first Uber driver who did very well getting us there with all our luggage which was three suitcases and two bags per person. They told us for the ride back to inform them we had a lot of luggage.

Once at the hotel we watched Supernatural, Riverdale and the Blacklist redemption then went to sleep.

Today is the beginning of the convention. We had the morning to wakeup on our own power and get ready for the day ahead.

I am grateful for TSA agents with a sense of humor.


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