Apr. 12th, 2017

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I had an entry for Monday but our wi-fi provider, who keeps insisting that we have real wi-fi when in fact we have next to none, killed the Internet in our area for ‘repair’. Now that it is ‘repaired’, we are even slower than we were before the ‘repair’. Not very happy with our lack of Internet provider.

The salient points from Monday were the following.

This week is Caroline’s Spring Break along with Passover and Easter. We attended a Seder on Monday evening with family. The end of the week will find us in Miami at the Super Retro Con and for a change I will be participating in a panel or two at a convention outside the usual conventions.

This week is about getting from point A to point B then regroup and do it again. Peter just got back from the Philly Convention so he is doing this dance for another week.

Sunday I got a number of bits and pieces on projects done. I was hoping to make today another day of finishing projects because I want to get my table clear before I start on the next one but due to circumstances this is looking less likely.

The Go Fund Me page is slowing down and we are still not quite at our goal to save our ass(ets). We appreciate all the help we have been given so far and like I said before we are never going to be able to thank you enough.

My mind will probably be in travel mode for most of the week. Think good thoughts for us as we travel up and down the East Coast.

I will try to update this week. I know I have been quiet but I felt like I was being such a downer recently since I have been in the dumps. Then I was talking to a friend who said that hearing that I was struggling a bit with my feelings helped them sort out what was going on with them. I made a decision that I will be a public voice for all the people who can’t talk about their depression because it might cost them their job or their children or their life.

Four years ago I posted a entry entitled Suicide is not painless talking about what would not have happened in my life if I had succeeded in graduate school to kill myself. In those four years I have added a lot of adventures and experiences that I would have never had if I had succeeded. So remember that suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminated the possibility of it ever getting better. And if I can help one person with that message then I have done well.

Today is about getting ready for ready for travel tomorrow. Cat/House sitter is in place. But I have cat boxes to deal with and laundry from the past two weeks but I have Caroline’s help in this. Then packing and making sure we have everything we need like Sunscreen and swimsuits and passports and, well the list goes on.

I am still grateful for everyone who has helped us in our time of crises.


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