Apr. 7th, 2017

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Since we put out what has been a thorn in our side for 20 years.

People have given us hope that we might be able to get this monkey off our backs.

I don’t think Thank You covers the feeling of gratitude I have for everyone who has helped us.

We do feel the love and support coming from the Internet and appreciate it and humbled by it.

Yes, there are those who have decided to be mean about it and crow over the situation, but they are in the minority. This included someone making a parody go fund me page and twitter account, which seems to have been erased off the face of the Internet.

We choose to focus on all the folks that have helped us. The information we are getting to help this situation. The outpouring of how important Peter and his work has been to their lives. Writing is a lonely profession. Most of it happens in front of a computer screen and you hope that you can entertain and, sometimes, enlighten. Seeing that his work has made people’s lives better in ways that we never imagined is rather amazing.

And we are so close to getting this behind us. We can see the finish line now we just have to get to it and with your continued help, we will.

I will admit to being depressed recently. Stress long term is hard on the body and I have been stressed to the nth. I am hoping that my lack of enthusiasm about any creative is related to this and I will be able to break out of it soon. A friend suggest that I just start working on something and go from there so I think this weekend is going to be just that.

I am so very grateful to everyone who has helped us in our time of crises.


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