Mar. 28th, 2017

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Having taken my morning medication so I can breath again through my nose without coughing up a lung, I find that my head is not as clear as I would like thus Fuzzy Brain like my head is full of cotton wool.

Last week was an interesting exercise in remembering how to do something correctly and convincing other people that I knew what I was doing. Everyone had a different way of doing sound. I was building it to my strengths and so we didn’t blow the audience out of their seats and they could hear the kids which apparently didn’t work for some people who might have hearing limitations so it was a bit of push me pull you until we got something that worked for everyone.

After finishing the show my body decided that the flu was next on my agenda. The past two days have been about surviving that.

Today I have to sort out my time between now and LunaCon. Since I haven’t shown there in a while, I do have sets of puppets that I can use. I might want to make one or two new things that will also go for DragonCon as well.

I have a clever idea for DragonCon this year but we’ll see.

Right now I just need to get my brain back into gear and out of the fuzzy zone.

I am grateful for each minute I am not coughing up a lung.


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