Mar. 26th, 2017

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Or rather my lungs right now seem to want to come up my windpipe. I started this cough a couple of days ago and suppressed it with cough meds and drops so I could run the show. Last night was a bit of a challenge but I made it through to awake with a pounding head and a cough that just won’t quit.

My brackets are broken beyond repair. A number of interesting games in the tourney but the only team I have left is North Carolina. I would find it amusing if North Caroline plays South Caroline because of 1776.

Baseball starts soon. The preseason games have been interesting enough but it’s time to really play baseball.

I feel like a run down battery. I have no strength today.

In the women’s tourney, I think that an UConn vs. Notre Dame game would be an interesting one for the final 4. UConn is probably going to go all the way yet again.

Caroline and I had fun working on Footloose together. I was surprised that I got called out for special thanks for running the sound board.

Yes, I have seen the new Justice League trailer. Apparently November is turning into are you a Marvel Fan or a DC Fan since Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League both open in November. Looking forward to Wonder Woman and Aquaman. And of course Guardians vol. 2.

There are a lot of cars on our street today. I don’t think we have a parade or arts festival in the village. The fun run was last weekend and we aren’t to Memorial Day yet. So I guess it is someone’s birthday or other form of family celebration.

We were thinking of going to see Kong but I don’t think we are up for it. I am thinking more put on Fantastic Beasts and kick back kind of day.

I am very tired of coughing to the point that my ribs hurt. It is possible to pull a muscle coughing which makes it that much harder. I am also tired of the taste of menthol in my mouth from all the cough drops I am sucking on.

Quiet day at home is in order. Caroline declared it a jammie day so she is going to be wearing her PJs all day.

Inky and Fig, our cats, have given up the pretense that they don’t get along. They have been curling up with each other to sleep. There is still some cat fighting but over all they have gotten to be friends.

I see a cup of hot tea in my very near future.

I have the last of the War Doctor audio plays. It was one of the last things that John Hurt recorded. It is very good but I am going to be sad when I get to the end of it because that will be the end of the War Doctor as played by John Hurt.

I’m not much for grammar today.

And it is apparent someone is moving today from the house that is really a series of apartments.

At least Caroline is coughing less. She still has glitter in her hair from last night.

The WGA is informing their members that a strike might be in the offing over some rather complex but important issues like health care costs, digital streaming revenues, and how people are paid for the work they are doing. The SAG contract is up as of the end of June and currently is on strike against video game companies over compensation and working conditions for both vocal and motion capture actors. I still belong to Actor’s Equity so I do have a horse in this race too.

Peter was a good husband and went off to do the grocery shopping that had to be done today so I don’t have to cough my way through the store. I love him so much for so many reasons.

Off to make tea with a little honey in it. *cough cough*

I am grateful that Caroline and I got to do a show together.


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