Mar. 20th, 2017

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Yesterday I went to an artist’s brunch that a group of artists have been throwing for a while now. I joined the group last year. It is a big mix of people from all kinds of disciplines, which makes it even more interesting as we look and talk about each other’s work. Fired me up and got me to thinking about my art in a different way. I would publicly like to thank my gracious hosts for the lovely afternoon.

Today I am finishing up the sound paperwork for Footloose. I have my parameters and my script so I can see if I can sort out the puzzle of who gets a body mic when. That and we would like to get one monitor so that the kids can hear the music better. We have rehearsal this evening and every evening until we open on Friday.

Tomorrow will be the next thing on my list and so on and so forth until we get to Sunday where Footloose will be done and I can focus on other things like LunaCon and some private projects.

I am grateful for structure in its many forms.


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