Mar. 19th, 2017

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Occasionally I will dust off my theater skills and put them to good use. Last year I built puppets for the middle school production of Little Mermaid. This year I told the powers that be that I would be willing to run the sound board for Footloose.

Yesterday I found myself back in the middle of sorting out body mics and sound and running sheets. We have to do some trading around of the body mics. I worked out the second act and then started on the first. Now I need to sort out how I am going to do all this. I have all my materials and the script so by rehearsal tomorrow I will have the whole thing sorted out and we will give it at go at the run through.

It amazes me how much I remembered about running a sound board and how to make things sounds nice. I walked out knowing what limitations I am working with and have a plan to help fix it.

Today Peter and Caroline are off to I-Con and I am joining some friends for an Art Brunch in the city. While riding on the train, I plan to work through the soundscape for the show.

I am grateful for the bicycle effect.


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