Mar. 17th, 2017

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Peter and I were off running a couple of errands yesterday and were talking about this and that while in the car when I got an idea based on our conversation. I told it to Peter who built on it and then I added and by the end of the car ride we had worked out an entire TV series that could come out of what I came up with.

We do that a lot. I am Peter’s first sounding board as I am usual in the room with him when he wants to see if an idea sounds good or if he is totally off base. Sometimes we tell the other one an idea and then say ‘well that’s interesting but have you thought about (fill in the blank)’ and we are off and running on developing the idea into something that we can use. This is how Maddrox came to have a multiple personality problem in X-factor.

There are times he comes to me and says I need an idea for (fill in the blank). I’ll think a bit and give him my take on the subject. Sometimes he uses it and other times he won’t but what I said will give him another idea that does work. I am good at ideas and working out stories.

I am working on actually writing the bloody things. One can have a million good ideas but nothing more comes from them other than the thought, ‘well this is a good idea’. Executing the idea is the hard part.

I have lost count the number of people who have come to Peter with an idea that if he writes it up, they could make money. Peter always stops them before they tell them the idea. It’s his policy, unless being paid by the person with the idea, to not listen. That way if he just happens to write something similar, he has a clear conscience that he came up with it on his own or with me. And writers do come up with the same idea at the same time. Many times it has to do with current events or some scientific breakthrough that gets them thinking in the same direction.

I need better follow through on a number of things and I recognize that my follow through has been lackluster at best. And that’s a great idea.

I am grateful for great ideas.


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