Mar. 16th, 2017

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Or rather I feel like I let a friend down and it makes me rather sick to my stomach. We have talked it out or rather started to talk it out and there is a solution that I plan to implement. I honestly didn’t know things were going south until they pointed it out to me and they are right and I am in the wrong. Now I correct my fault and my behavior towards this friend. And if my friend is reading this, know that you have absolutely no fault in this what so ever. You are right and I am in the wrong and I am glad you pointed it out in such a polite way.

Peter is attending a funeral today. It is the second funeral in the same family within a two-week period. I feel sorry for the family as they have lost two loved ones in rapid succession. My sympathies to them.

Starting Saturday I am jumping into the school play having agreed to run sound for them. I am hoping I have an assistant but not counting on it. Need to find my good headset for the board. I have run sound for various forms of entertainment and know how to get things setup and done. The real fun is going to be rebalancing the body mics on the fly since more than one kid uses them during the show. I am hoping that the voices will be close enough that I can do a general setting but I am not counting on it. Need to also find my black t-shirts without logos on them.

Gives me two days and a bit to make good on my promise.

Then I have to get the next thing done because that is also looming over me. Fixing some puppets and sending them off to their new homes.

I know what I need to do and I can do it. It is me that is stopping the forward progress that I need to make. I do not blame anyone for the situation I find myself in.

The cold weather and the time change aren’t helping me either. I usually am such a polar bear but this winter I can’t seem to stay warm and if I start shivering then it can be a while before my body stops shaking. I have stated previously how much I loathe Day Light Savings Time and what it does to my internal clock. Nothing has changed there. And an inability to sleep through the night more than one night in a row is not helping my mood.

There is some other stuff going on right now that has me down but nothing I care to talk about publicly. Just think good thoughts that someone who has made us some big promises can come through on them. One would be nice two would be even better and if all three come through, my stress level will reduce greatly.

I will be attending LunaCon this year. I still am waiting to see if I have a table or not in the Art Show.

I will feel better once I get a few things off my plate. But right now I recognize that I am not at my best and I know how I can improve. I also recognize that I am feeling a little down because of things both in and out of my control.

I am grateful for friends who are honest with me about things.


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