Mar. 14th, 2017

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So yesterday we had all the warnings of a major blizzard with dire predictions of what might be heading our way.

This morning we awoke to discover that a warm front moved further north than expected so we are getting a miserable mixed of snow/sleet/rain with the sleet being small hail stone sized.

We aren’t getting the two feet of snow but driving is very hazardous as I have watched more than one car unable to brake for the stop signs and slide through. I am glad Caroline has a snow day today because getting to and from her school would be more of an adventure than it needs to be.

By tomorrow the school system will figure out if they can safely get the students to and from school but today is an indoor day.

I think our biggest fear is the power going out since the winds are very strong today. One tree limb could make for a bad day for a lot of people. These winds are here through tomorrow. It has been a very windy year.

Today will be a marathon of something and the making of soup. Along with crafty activities and laundry. A quiet day at home with none of us even sticking a toe outside our domicile.

Tomorrow I will post what we made for a belated Crafty Tuesday.

I am grateful that the warm front did us a favor and kept the snow at bay.


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