Mar. 13th, 2017

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We always seem to have one of these. They happen in March and we always seem to be surprised by it. I think by this point once the calendar says March, we should start counting down to this snow-pocalypse.

Last week’s snow storm was annoying especially after the hint of spring weather before the snow hit. The winds have been so strong this month that Peter’s flight last Thursday was cancelled and he had to redo his travel plans to get to the Lexington comic book convention.

This week we have a blizzard warning north and west of us however, unlike the other storms this season, we will be getting a big miss from the terrible snow totals for 6 to 12 with high winds.

So today has been all about battening down the hatches here. Got an oil delivery. Got the village approved salt. Got the larder restocked. Shovels have been moved into place. Car cover goes on after I get Caroline from rehearsal. Then we hunker down and just wait it out. We just got a notification that Caroline’s school is cancelled for tomorrow. The local officials are declaring a state of emergency allowing them to dictate who can be out and when.

Now we wait to see what happens. If the front moves south, then we get it in the teeth again. If it stays then we get slushy mix of snow/sleet/rain, which will be a pain to shovel.

I am grateful for that which got done today.


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