Mar. 3rd, 2017

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I think I am running out of clever titles as the three previous attempts at something new were all on my hard drive as essays already in existence.

I am trying to correct my spelling and grammar without consulting the spell checker these days. According to what I have been reading, it is a good way to engage the brain and will help with cementing the correct spelling in one’s head. I can remember a day when I had my dictionary next to me to check on the spelling of words as I wrote various papers.

It is interesting to see the cycles at the gym. Over the years I know which months are harder to get to the machines and weights I need and which are easier. March is a much easier month for me to be able to do my routines without having to wait for someone to finish something up. January can be tricky because of all the people who decide to resolve to be fitter that year. By February we have the shakedown to the people who are going to keep it up and the people who will probably try again next year. May is the next time I expect an influx of people as some try to get ready for swimsuit season. The summer sees more teenagers in the weight room. Fall is pretty quiet. When it turns cold we get the folks who run and do physical activity outdoors as much as they can. Then we are back to the New Year.

It does amaze me how one person leaving their weights and exercise equipment all over the place sets the tone for everyone else and they don’t pick up after themselves. Also not putting things back makes it harder on the rest of us who are trying to do our routines and have to pause to find out where X went off to. Yesterday it was one of the medicine balls that wandered off. Apparently it wandered into another part of the building or possibly out of building since the staff hadn’t a clue where it was. And this with a sign that says, “Please do not remove equipment from the exercise room” but then that is next to the sign that says “Please re-rack your weights” which a number of people ignore anyway. I swear more people think they have to be the exception to the rule these days than ever before.

Traffic is something else that ebbs and flows around here. Not as much as it use to since they have build apartments and condos in the village and near the village that has added about a third more cars consistently in the area. I am use to the traffic slow downs May to September as people come through to go to Fire Island but this is getting a little ridiculous. Trips that took maybe 5 minutes by car are now 10 to 15 due to traffic and some strangely timed traffic lights. Walking is not much better as the drivers seem to think that pedestrian crossings don’t apply to them even though there are big signs informing them otherwise.

I am sad to see the end of standard time is just around the corner. It means that Caroline has to get up when it is still dark in the morning for a couple of weeks. I really feel sorry for all the kids at the other end of the time zone who have to walk to their bus in the dark. Can’t we just get rid of it? It does us no good and doesn’t do the things that they say it makes easier.

Today is going to be a creative day for me with a little cleaning tossed in. It is cat box day so that needs to be done. Might want to tackle another corner of the room that needs cleaning. Peter and I have a couple of errands we need to run today. Caroline has rehearsal afterschool and we need to find her some costume pieces this weekend. We are talking conservative business suits that a principle of a school would wear which is easy with the thrift store having reopened with a large parking lot.

This weekend we are not going anywhere. I have a friend coming out here for lunch and conversation and fabric shopping. Next weekend Peter is off to a convention.

Things start to speed up again for us from there.

So I will take the time to breath and center before we move onto the next thing.

I am grateful for back ways that let me get where I am going .


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