Mar. 2nd, 2017

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It took me a bit to sort out that it is Thursday.

Getting back from vacation can screw with one’s sense of time.

The only way I sorted out the day of the week is that Peter bowled yesterday and it was Ash Wednesday so that was a big clue.

If you asked me what day it was when I was at Disney World, I would have consulted my phone.

It is nice to have some time that one is not worried about time.

However now I have to get back into sync with the calendar and what’s next on my docket.

I was surprised to discover that we slid into March without a by your leave.

Yesterday was a bit of success as in that the laundry is done and put away from the trip and one corner of the living room.

I did keep my Internet looking down to an hour, which made me realize how many times I just go to check something and end up down the electronic rabbit hole.

This weekend Caroline and I are going to make a niffler. I am taking a hedgehog pattern and a platypus pattern and mushing them together. Should be interesting.

I also plan to fix the puppets so I can send them out Monday. Finish another puppet for a friend who has been very patience with me. Then onto Dragon Con puppets and the puppet slam.

The NFL combine has started. I am trying to figure out why we still need it considering all the metrics that the scouts have collected on these kids over their college careers. It is a meat market that is now out there for the public to watch. I find it embarrassing for the young men that have to prove themselves over a week’s time to their potential employers. I think if it happened behind closed doors I might not have as big a problem with it but the NFL has turned it into a spectacle for the public.

Spring Training is here and soon the season will start. I am looking forward to the baseball season. Peter has two sports seasons in his mind, baseball and the rest of the year.

Basketball is winding up into the playoffs, which seem to go for months before a winner is crowned.

Hockey has also seemed to expand their season.

Lots of sports for those who love watching sports.

Today is a gym day and then I plan to clean up another one of the seven corners of our living room.

I am grateful for calendars.


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