Mar. 1st, 2017

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Today is the beginning of the Catholic Lenten season.

Last night on Jeopardy the answer to final jeopardy was ‘what are you giving up for Lent?’

That is a question that is being asked a lot today. But it is not just giving something up, it can also be doing something for the betterment of all.

Caroline and I had a long discussion about what we might do and came to similar conclusions that we both spend too much time on the Internet just poking about so we are limiting ourselves to an hour on the Internet a day. This can be broken up into 15 minute segments or a half hour or an hour all at once, but it will be limited.

There are some other things that we have agreed to but that’s between the two of us. Personally I am going to try to spend more time being more mindful of that which is around me. Meditation will be part of that.

To me this is not like a New Years resolution that, from the state of our gym, is something you think about in January but by March it is but a memory.

If I don’t achieve my goal, I will just try harder to do so. We fall down and we get back up and try again.

Lent is a marathon not a sprint and we have this time to reflect on things that we really don’t seem to think about the rest of the year.

So those who are taking part of this, may you have an easy Lent.

I am grateful that my daughter and I can talk about these subjects with each other.


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