Jan. 22nd, 2017

I Marched

Jan. 22nd, 2017 11:08 am
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Yesterday I marched in the New York City Women’s march with over 400,000 other people. It was amazing but only the start to what we need to do to help our country.

I went with some friends who introduced me to their friend and we managed to stick together and walk our way most of the way to Trump tower.

I am hoping that what we did yesterday will be like the stone dropped into a calm pond and that the ripples continue to move us forward.

I built a puppet for the occasion. I called it a Trumppet and it amused people as we walked.

I met a lot of people on this march. There were a lot of pictures taken of the puppet. I got a lot of compliments, freaked a few people out (sorry for that), and the puppet got hit with a cane once and punched once.

I am glad that I went. I went for my daughter and my step-daughters. I went for those who could not. I went for those who cannot speak for themselves. I went to prove that what happened in the last election is not normal and we can never start thinking of it as normal.

My back locked up and I had to bail. By the time I got home I was in agony. This morning I am dealing with shooting pains down one leg and my back is not happy with me. My arms are on fire. But I am not at all sorry about going and pushing myself to my limits.

I do have photos but I am having trouble getting my photobucket to cooperate with me. Hope to have this sort out by Tuesday.

I would like to compliment the volunteers and the NYPD for all their hard work to make this march happen and keep it peaceful and relatively organized. The police took the time to give people information if asked and posed with parade goers. They went to extra mile to make sure that we felt safe.

I am grateful for everyone I met yesterday and everyone who marched all over the world.


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