Jan. 10th, 2017

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In the TV series Steven Universe, Steven goes to visit some aliens that are on his planet that he knows and they show him what they are up to. They have taken various things that they found on the farm where they are hiding and created sculptures. When Steven compliments them on their art, one alien says, “huh, it that what you call it? I called it Meep Morp.” Caroline and I looked at each and laughed so hard. Since then we say to each other, I am going to create Meep Morp.

I have a couple of weeks before Farpoint to create new work to display. So there’s my goal. A few new puppets for the Art Show which will start me on the year on better footing for DragonCon.

First and second, however, are two puppets that have been on the table for a while and need to get finished. Both have some deadlines coming up soon.

Then there are a couple of ideas I want to try because I think they would be cool.

Caroline has her own slate of Meep Morp she wants to do. Some of it before Farpoint and some of it afterwards.

Of course housework and family needs come before meep morp.

I am grateful for all the meep morp I have created over the years.


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