Jan. 9th, 2017

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This morning has been a series of things that I have dropped. Nothing breakable but I have been spending a lot of time picking things up from where I dropped them. Typing has been a nightmare because my fingers spasm and hit the wrong keys then autocorrect comes up with some really interesting substitutions for the words it thinks I might be trying to type.

This makes me very frustrated which feeds back into the stress and it becomes a loop that makes my hands shake more.

Part of it is that it is so bloody cold outside that I am shivering which just adds to the shakes. I swear right now I probably look like I have serious case of the DTs.

So a warm hoodie helps. The super warm socks that my parents got me. I am debating about my fingerless gloves. Either way I think once I am warmed up a bit things will calm down.

Except the fricking cough that has been plaguing me for the past week. Funny though I was looking through past entries over the years and found that I seem to have this same thing about this time every year. At least this year I haven’t been coughing so hard I can’t keep food down and I have a decongestant that works for the most part.

So grumpy Kath is grumpy. I feel like curling up into a little ball until I feel better but that’s not in the cards today since I did that basically most of last week when not dealing with things that had to be done right now. So meds then going to try to get some stuff done that needs to be done and some stuff that should be done.

I am grateful for anything I don’t drop today.


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