Jan. 4th, 2017

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Considering all the things I have had going on this week, a cold was not what I needed in any way shape or form but apparently the fates had other ideas so now my teeth hurt from sinus pressure and my chest is sore from coughing.

This doesn’t feel like allergies so I am going with I picked something up in the past week that has now taken residence in my lungs.

Not the best week for this to happen but nor is it the worse week either.

Also I am a really bad sick person. I don’t like it and tend to be rather short tempered and angry while I am sick. Angry at myself for getting sick mostly.

I will muddle through the day with what I have to do and give myself permission to blow off that which it might be nice to get done but not necessary for house and home to continue. And a nap, a really nice nap but I will see what the cough will and won’t allow.

Peter is still dealing with getting out of the hospital. We were told that he might be tired for a time and his stamina might not be the best and to give him time to recover. He’s about as good a sick person as I am. So he is rather frustrated right now with the pace of his recovery. I remind him that he is recovering and there is progress even if it is miniscule.

Caroline apparently had allergies and not a cold. After taking her allergy medication on time and consistently, her sinuses cleared right up and it never affected her chest. Apparently something in Florida didn’t agree with her.

I am grateful for that which allows me to sleep.


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